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Balian's Updates

For family and friends who want to support Balian, Erin, Eric and Timothy in their fight against cancer.

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Posted 2020-03-29T02:07:56Z

A Negative

I got called from SJRMC to tell us that Balian's covid and flu test have come back negative. We are going to keep up the isolation, sanitizing and medicating.  

Interestingly when UNM called SJRMC they said we never showed up to be checked. Yes we did and UNM told them that too because this mama doesn't play around with a sick, chemo child. 

UNM hospital called and said they had gotten the counts from the blood draw and his ANC was over 3000. No way that could be that high. When the home health nurse came on Wednesday (2 days later) his ANC was around 1400. When I was in on Monday and I asked the nurse what his ANC was she said they didn't have one of the counts that determine the ANC. 

SJRMC also did cultures from 1 port (Balian has a double lumin port) and through a peripheral line. Now when we last came into the ER for a fever I was told to have them do cultures from each port to see if the infection could be in either port. They didn't listen to me.

I hate going to SJRMC for anything relating to Balian. 

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