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2nd Cycle, Day 1

Today we left Farmington at 11ish and got into Bernalillo at 2:30ish.  Days Inn, thankfully, allowed us to check in 30 minutes early and we were able to leave some of our luggage in room.  We had an early dinner at Olive Garden where Balian ate a HUGE amount of food!  We caught the movie The Secret Life of Pets 2 in theater and really enjoyed it.  Then we stopped at 2 stores to look around for about an hour.  After we headed back to Days Inn in Bernalillo for the night.[...]

Good Week

This last week and bit has been good. Balian and Timothy have bee in such good moods for the most of the week. We are not going to take Timothy this week or next for chemo. He will instead have alone time with papa cheii and Kids Kollege classes next week. They both really enjoyed the Hope Foundation book club and watching a movie yesterday.  [...]

Got The Word

Doctor finally called me yesterday and verified that I was right about the 21 days. So our next chemo will be the 20th of this month. Hoping it can be a 2 day trip but might be just a day trip. It depends on the appt time of the infusion unit. [...]

Angry Cat

How Kim Kat looks at me when I wake up Balian. We are trying to get to the Hope Foundation for a book club meeting. A good chance for Balian to socialize but the cat is mad at me.[...]


Still waiting to hear back from the clinic. I will call them again on Monday. Today has been a low energy day for Balian. He ate though and that makes it better. And resting to get his strength back up.[...]


Yesterday in clinic I signed paperwork that said Balian's next chemo starts on the 27th...but counting back and forward that puts his chemo cycle on a 28 day track. The treatment plan I consented to last week was for a 21 day cycle. The clinic is supposed to clear up the dates either by today or Monday for sure.[...]

A New Path

Balian had a blood draw today to make sure he met his counts for the day 8 chemo infusion. It was a double poke day. He made counts so off we go tomorrow to spend the night and have early morning clinic appointment at 8 am and infusion unit appointment at 10 am. Then hoping he doesn't need a blood transfusion tomorrow too before we have to head home. [...]

New Path

This new chemo cycle will be different from the others because the timing of the infusions.  So it is still on a 3 week cycle. Balian gets an infusion on Day 1 over 90 minutes.  He receives another infusion on Day 8 with 2 chemo drugs.  On Day 7, 8, and 9 he will take oral steroids to help with mouthsores and rash side effects.  Also on Day 9 he will receive his booster shot to keep his counts up.  [...]