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Posted 2020-01-06T21:59:32Z

Next Appointments

I got a call on Friday to make an appointment with Dr McKee's clinic for a pre-op visit on the 15th.  During that call the scheduler said that there was a CT scan request for the 13th that was going to be scheduled.  So now I called the Pediatric Oncology department to make sure they know that I haven't gotten an appointment for the CT yet.  So if they get us in for that appointment we will be down in ABQ for at least 3 days and 2 nights to get appointments for 2 clinic appointments and for the suture removal and check with the orthopedic surgeon.  

Once back I want to start getting Balian into a physical therapist to help with getting him ready for a prosthetic.  Or at least to help with adapting to the stump.  For right now we are just letting him heal until the sutures are out.  We will find out about the left lung during these next appointments too.

So starts another round of worry about scans.  I have to remember that being scared of scans doesn't help us in any way.  Balian and Timothy want to see a movie and I'm all for that.

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