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Posted 2020-01-19T01:32:41Z

On A Lighter Note

So we had a horrible visit in the clinic but our orthopedic appointment went well.  Dr Chafey is ready to start him on the course to get a prosthetic leg.

While we got 37 stitches out of his stump we asked about Balian's leg.  Man oh man did it throw the entire staff for a loop!  They had never had anyone who wanted to get their amputated limb back.  So they had to call the TriCore to see where the leg was being stored then see what we needed to do to get it released back to us.  We were able to pick it up at UNM.  It was fully intact (tissue and hardware) wrapped in about 4 bags.  Good thing that my ma had a pull cart we could put it into so we didn't have to touch the bag.  It wasn't in a box so if we had to handle the bag we would have felt the leg through the bags.  Balian was so fascinated to have it back.  I couldn't believe how "ok" he was with it all.

On the way home I called a few different funeral homes in hopes to have a plan when we came back with the leg.  I knew I didn't want to have to put the leg into a cooler for too long.  So the entire ride back home in the rearview mirror I could see the bag and wondered if I was seeing the thigh or foot sticking up.

In Bernalillo Farmington Funeral Home called and said that they could cremate it for us.  So we headed straight there when we got into Farmington.  The plan is for them to cremate the leg and if the hardware survives the furnace, that will be given back to us.  The ash remains will be put into an urn and we can keep that for Balian.

Now as in the previous update, if this all takes a turn for the worst, I would like to have Balian whole.  I will leave it at that for now.

So the funeral home will contact us when the leg is ready to be picked up and an urn can be picked out.

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