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Thursday, Dec. 14, 2017

Hi dear friends and family. Scot was great in taking the initiative to create a blog and I told him that I would send a link for y'all to access. We've been trying to develop a system between us that works between caring for mom-first and foremost, and communicating to all those who are concerned about her. In terms of the blog, I admit I dropped the ball-so much so that I wrote an initial post on Monday Dec. 4th, another on Dec 5th and have written several updates since but I haven't posted. I am operating on both adrenaline and prayer support right now.  

The past two weeks have been an absolute whirlwind for us, as you can well imagine. We are confident that our mom is in the best possible place for her rehabilitation. That said, many have reached out to request her contact information.  During this initial stage of her recovery, please note: Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, 300 First Ave., Room #423-Barbara Connell, Charlestown, MA 02129.  She does have a direct telephone line: 617-952-5423;  If she doesn't answer the phone, she could be in therapy.  We recommend to call the nurse's station on the 4th floor: 617-952-5400 and ask that the tending nurse call you from her room or put her on their designated phone. They'll give her the phone which she is able to hold on her own.   

  • A Case Manager and team are evaluating her weekly and have developed a specific game plan with regard to her treatment, goals, and ultimate departure with next steps. There are two options based on her progress: being transferred to a sub-acute skilled nursing facility, or home, where she could have in-home assistance.  
  • At this time, her anticipated departure date from Spaulding is Dec. 22nd and the recommendation is to go a sub-acute skilled nursing facility.  We have been given recommendations both on the north and south shore assessing the best possible scenario.
  • She began an intense program last week which entails speech, physical and occupational therapy for 3 hours a day, 5 days per week.  The times of her therapy will vary from day to day-we will post as we are made aware (sometimes it's not until the night before), however, the schedule is always subject to change.
  • Each session lasts one hour.  Generally speaking, therapy will take place Monday through Friday, however, today-for example, she did have a couple sessions.  We don't recommend planning to visit when her sessions are taking place as you won't be able to have much personal interaction with her and your presence could be a distraction (as I have personally witnessed).   However,  having said that, we don't want to discourage visitations either-you can sit in and observe; her seeing a familiar face is welcomed   Weekends are generally best with Sunday being optimal.
  • Every day is a new day, with both blessings and challenges.  We are pleased to report that the UTI infection that was diagnosed at Mass General  prior to her transfer to Spaulding has cleared up. We were concerned at the difference we noticed in her from one day to the next, however, the doctors informed us that this infection causes delirium, especially in older people. As a result, It has been difficult to gauge how stroke vs. infection or combination thereof has impacted her. 
  • One of our major concerns is pain management-she has been dealing with sciatica-which she was suffering from prior to the stroke. This has been causing a lot of pain in her lower back and leg. Her lack of mobility is exacerbating the condition and at times hindering her ability to engage in therapy.   
  • Specific prayer requests:  Please pray.....:
  1. that God will impart wisdom to all of those making decisions surrounding her needs and that decisions in her best interest will be made accordingly  
  2. against the pain she is experiencing in her lower back and left leg and shoulder
    for her appetite to return
  3. as you are led by God and His Holy Spirit

We'll be fine-tuning this as we go along-Scot and I know that we can do all things through Christ, who gives us strength. Thank you all so much for your prayers and support!   



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