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10/9/2017 - Email

Our dearest friends and family,

It is with our heaviest of hearts that we share that our beautiful, beloved mother has made her journey to the world beyond.

We are grieving with you over the loss of the sweetest person on earth. Her transition was difficult, but only took a few minutes. And we know that her soul is is no longer being held in a body that caused her so much hardship. In all our sadness, there is some comfort that she can continue loving us all from the cosmic realm she was so often engaged with during her time on earth.

She loved all of the messages that were sent to her in these final days, and they allowed us to experience her lovely smile a few extra times.

We're starting to find our bearings in this new world, and will be in touch about her service. We do know her body will be cremated on Wednesday, and we will have a celebration of her life in November.

Thank you for being with us during this difficult year and in the days ahead.

With love,
David, Jessica, Martha, and Leonard

P.S. The attached photo was taken during a magical trip to Portugal last June. We had this photo on the TV the past few days and our mom would wake up and smile at it. "That's one self-satisfied woman," she said.

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