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be brave: my fight

I am 17 years old and on New Year's day I was diagnosed with a malignant immature teratoma. This is my story.

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Posted 2014-04-07T06:15:03Z

Final surgery

I had my first scans last week and they came back clear, but we decided to go ahead and remove my ovary. I will be having surgery next Monday, but luckily it's laparoscopy so it's a day surgery. I have been dancing and actually did a competition last weekend. The surgeon was nice enough to schedule this surgery after my last dance competition which is this weekend. I am meeting with the surgeon Friday morning in Austin than going to San Antonio to dance! I am happy to be able to get the surgery over with and get on with my life but unfortunately the surgery is two days before my birthday! The last one was two days before Christmas so I guess I'm used to it. Things have been going really well, thank you all for your support. I will let you know how the surgery went and will hopefully be able to make my final post! Thank you!

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