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Beauty for Ashes (My Cancer Journey)

This site is dedicated to encouraging, uplifting, and strengthening women battling breast cancer and their loved ones through my personal story.

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Posted 2020-03-31T02:04:00Z

1st Day Taking Letrozole

Hello family and friends, today was my 1st day taking Letrozole the pill I must take daily for five years to prevent breast cancer reoccurrence. I have not experienced any side effects so far, I'm hoping this will continue. 

I also had an appointment with the Oncology Gyn Surgeon and she was great.  I will definitely be having my Fallopian tubes and Ovaries removed. I still have a couple more tests to know if they will have to remove my uterus as well.  All of these female organs are possibly at risk for cancer with my history of breast cancer, the additional tests will determine if my blood has markers for uterine cancer now that I have been treated for breast cancer. The doctor was a bit worried that my 1st Medical Oncologist did not take me off of Nuvaring before I started chemotherapy. She said that having hormones that include estrogen are a definite no, no in treating breast cancer. I will be looking at surgery June or July after they reschedule all of the surgeries they cancelled due to the Corona Virus.


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