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Beauty for Ashes (My Cancer Journey)

This site is dedicated to encouraging, uplifting, and strengthening women battling breast cancer and their loved ones through my personal story.

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Posted 2020-01-16T14:59:44Z

Final Chemo Cycle End Date

Hello everyone, I am excited to announce today as my official chemo cycle end date.  This is the day the drug is supposed to leave my system.  I am feeling better than earlier this week. My legs are still very weak but, I am much more steady on my feet. I saw my new Oncologist this week and because I am new to her as a patient she is unfamiliar with me and how I experienced each of the chemo drugs over the past 4 months.  She is very skeptical and thinks that my breast cancer has possibly spread to my brain. So she ordered a CT scan for my brain that I will have at the end of the month.  I believe all my symptoms were chemo related and so we will see at the end of the month.  I also know that some of the symptoms I experienced, I do not experience anymore.  Please keep this in prayer, that it is not cancer that has spread, but only residual effects of chemo.

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