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Becky Lea - Journal

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Posted 2015-09-28T21:53:00Z

Follow up visit scheduled

Becky sounded great today... Randy took her to Walmart to pick up a few things, but she said she got tired really quickly. Her follow up appointment is scheduled for Thursday @ 4:30. We should find out the plan going forward and we are praying for good results from the pathology report. Thank you for your continued prayers and support. Our family appreciates it more than you know. Until next time....

Posted 2015-09-26T14:58:56Z


First off... thank you all for your prayers and well wishes. Yesterday went as well as it possibly could and we are all grateful for that!! I talked to Becky this morning. She sounded good and as expected, is sore. She's sore from the surgery and from the intubation... but, she got a good night's rest which does the body good overall. She got up and had toast for breakfast... her first "meal" since Thursday night. We're taking potato soup out to her for dinner. I'm hoping this will be tempting enough for her to eat... as we know, Beck loves her potatoes! ;) As far as follow up appointments, she has to call on Monday to schedule her visit. I'll continue to post necessary updates here! Much love to you all! -Amy

Posted 2015-09-25T21:00:58Z

Becky is out of surgery

The surgery went well... The doc said that the 2 lymph nodes that were removed looked good, but the pathology report, which should be in at the beginning of next week would confirm. We are grateful and blessed... Everything went well!! on to recovery!

Posted 2015-09-25T16:13:27Z

Surgery Prep 12:10pm

We have moved from the Breast center over to the main hospital. Becky was wheeled back for the final preparation for surgery. We are in the Surgery waiting room, but will get to see her once more before they take her to the OR. She's nervous but calm. I'll update once they take her back for the official surgery.

Posted 2015-09-24T10:48:00Z

Surgery day tomorrow

Tomorrow is the day that Becky will leave the hospital a BREAST CANCER SURVIVOR!! She has to arrive at 10 am for prep... her surgery is scheduled to begin at 1 pm. Randy will be there and she also has some family coming into town for support. I plan to be there as well and will keep an on-going post tomorrow with necessary updates, but will also have my cell with me if you'd like to call or text. 803-622-0650. She is in good hands and our expectation and prayer is that surgery is uneventful, successful and that her recovery would be the same. She has an army of people praying for her and to this point she has been positive, though I know she is scared. So, if you see her today, hug her tight and encourage her to be strong. God has his hand in this and will see her through. ♡

Posted 2015-09-18T02:19:43Z

Surgery is scheduled

Becky's surgery is scheduled for Friday, a week from tomorrow... September 25th @ 1pm. As you can imagine, she's trying to mentally prepare for what's to come and while I know it will likely be the biggest challenge of her life, she is as stubborn, I mean, as strong as an ox. ;) ...and she has a huge team of supporters who will be by her side every step of the way!

Posted 2015-09-16T00:46:12Z

Biopsy Results are in!!! 09/15/2015

The biopsy results from the procedure done yesterday are in! The spots found via MRI on 9/05/2015 were confirmed to be NOTHING!! Can I get an AMEN!! As relieved as I am, we are... I know that it doesn't even closely compare to Becky's relief! She sounded so upbeat, happy and hopeful today!! ♡♡ So... our plan, and what we hope the doc does, is that now that we know everything we're going to know about the status of this cancer at this point, is to get on it!! We are now ready for our next step. Let's do this!!

Posted 2015-09-15T10:34:05Z

MRI Guided Biopsy 09/14/2015

Beck was a trooper today!  Our morning started at the Breast Center on the Baptist Campus.  It was gorgeous in there...  quiet, but cozy with splashes of pink and they had one of my favorite shows playing on HGTV!  That was a bonus!  But I also took the time to look around and my mind began to wonder...  There were people of all ages.  A young girl, probably about 25-26 years old, and older lady with her husband (both were very comfortable, so I assume she'd made many visits) and even a new mom with her baby.  I couldn't help but feel a little sad for a minute...  but then I realized...  No one in there seemed sad.  I was grateful.  It gave me hope.  The only thing I can think is that no matter WHY they were there, the felt as if they were in good hands and felt confident and safe. One day at a time...  we'll get there too![...]