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Pat Kreager Pat Kreager

Beck, I have no reason to worry about you. You have WAY too much stubborn Baughman in you. Actually, I'm kind of feeling sorry for the cancer! I don't think it realizes the mistake it made by picking a fight with you!
As Nanc mentioned, our relationship is much closer to sisters than cousins. We love you and are here for you. Call if you want my vast medical expertise (ha!) or just a shoulder. Big hugs and prayers your way.

Melinda Hydrick Melinda Hydrick

Hey Becky, it's Melinda. I am keeping up with your journey and continuing to pray for your complete recovery. I know how strong you are and that you will face this head on with all the effort and energy it will take. Always know you have many great friends who are all ready and willing to step in to help. Don't be afraid to allow them to do so. I will make sure to keep in the loop and help however I can. God Bless.

Nancy Phillis Nancy Phillis

9/16 - Good news for once!! Yah!! Now you can tackle the original problem with all your gusto Beck. Love ya. Nanc

Debbie McCraw Debbie McCraw

Beck, you may have doubts right now, but I know you are equal to this fight. Even if the way seems too long and too hard, if you just keep putting one foot in front of the other, one day you'll look up and realized that you've arrived. Please know that your family and friends will do anything and everything possible to ease your way; all you have to do is let us know what you need and when. But that doesn't mean I'll stop giving you crap. :) Love ya, Debbie.

Nancy Phillis Nancy Phillis

Beck- You know that you aren't a cousin, you are a sista from a different (but very similar) mista. I love you more than you know and I am praying for you daily. I will watch here for updates rather than bothering you, but if at any time you want to talk, cry, rant and rave etc., I am here for you. Keep up that stubborn, fighting disposition you have. I put you on the prayer list at church. Love ya, Nanc