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Berla's Journey

Updates on Berla's hospitalization provided by her children Chris, Hollie, and Erica

Latest journal entry

Progress! Mom is doing good! Wrote her name!!

Mom was sleepy when I arrived but shortly woke up. When she woke up, Hollie face timed us just in time to watch Mom write her name and our names. Mom wrote in cursive and it looked really good!! We are so proud of her!!! She was super happy too. We are still looking for a skilled nursing place. We made a referral but are waiting to hear back. We watched the food channel again tonight. Mom is eating so good. The food is real food at her new level. She is loving real food. We have laughed a lot these past few days and time really flies, the next thing you know it's time to go home for the night. Mom is still getting antibiotics for her UTI. They are giving them to her via IV right now, but switching to an oral. She's doing awesome! She's medically sound to leave, so when and if we get approval, she will move. Good Night! Love to you all! Prayers have worked!! Never stop praying. Please leave messages!


❤️ Erica


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