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Posted 2019-01-01T04:13:41Z

We are settled! It's a beautiful place!

Mom arrived safely to Taylor House. She is sleeping soundly. Medication on board. Met with the hospice nurse and they have some great therapies here. Bathing is evening relaxing. They have a jet tub, they can lower her into. I also asked for her to have music and massage therapy. We will make sure she is well taken care of. Thank you for all the visits, calls, texts etc over this past month. It makes this journey with my Mom all the more special. Our mama is a fighter and fought harder than anyone could have ever imagined. To survive what she survived with one massive stroke let alone two. It was our turn to fight for her. We advocated for her wants and we were fortunate to have great medical staff at Methodist that agreed. Her doctor at the hospital was amazing. The nurses were so understanding and on top of things with keeping her comfortable until we transferred. No pain and lots of comfort was the goal. We have been welcomed by the hospice staff and this is the last stop on my Mom's journey. I intend to be with her as often as I can. We will ring in the New Year together. Love to you all!!! [...]

Posted 2019-01-01T00:48:58Z

New Year's Eve

Another update on Mom.

As of right now she is still at Powell in the hospital, but is moving this evening to Taylor house. Taylor house is a hospice facility that will care for mom from this point forward. [...]

Posted 2018-12-30T01:52:27Z

It's been a long week

So we wanted to update everyone on how mom is doing. We have had a long week and lots of things have been happening. 

Since arriving on Christmas Eve mom has had 5 CT scans. The 1st showed the bleed and then they did another scan using contrast. They wanted to make sure the veins in her head were not clogged so the bleeding could be absorbed. This was normal. The 3rd scan showed increased swelling and a midline shift of 4mm. The 4th scan was no different than the 3rd. She had a 5th scan this morning and the swelling has increased to 7mm. [...]

Posted 2018-12-25T22:22:20Z

Merry Christmas!!

Mom has been moved out of ICU to the telemetry floor. Her blood pressure is in the 140s/150s again, having to get extra medicine for that. Has been sleeping most of the afternoon. New CT showed a little more bleeding. However neuro is saying there is nothing surgical that would need to be or could be done. She's still not talking and doesn't really know what anyone is doing. She reacts to people touching her, but doesn't understand why. I've met her new nurse. He's a nice nurse and asked a lot of questions and seems interested in Mom, so that is good news. He's here until 7pm. I'm here for the duration too. I will go home to sleep later and back here in the morning. Hope everyone is having a Merry Christmas. Thanks for all the continued prayers as we start again this journey to healing whatever that may be. [...]

Posted 2018-12-25T01:53:31Z

Stable!! Keep the prayers coming!

Neuro-surgeon came in and said she's stable. Doesn't need immediate surgery at this time. Depending upon when the bleed started, a majority of the swelling should stop. We are back to square one, with more deficits, but Mom's a fighter. Mom is mimicing our facial expressions and gestures. Very fidgety with cords, blankets, etc. We are settling in for the night. Continue prayers things remain stable. Have a Merry Christmas! Love to you all!![...]

Posted 2018-12-24T22:01:44Z

Pray Now!!!!! We need them now!!

I'm trying to notify everyone that is critical to know. Mom has suffered another massive stroke. On the right frontal lobe this time. The opposite side. The bleed is active and her brain is swelling. The next 12-24 hours will be critical. There has been a shift in her midline. This means the swelling is significant enough that her brain shifted. We are waiting on the Neurosurgeon. Hollie is on her way here and Chris, Marianne, and I are all here. Pastor Candice has been here and went to get Mom's belongings from the care facility. We hope to know more soon. Prayers needed!![...]

Posted 2018-12-23T01:18:04Z

Confusion, battling a UTI, New Poinsettia, Cookies, Family Christmas

It's been a couple of days since I updated everyone. Mom has not been feeling well, confused and not being able to work on her therapies. Blood work, chest x-ray and urine analysis. She has the same UTI. Mom left the hospital with a UTI. She was taking an antibiotic up until the 19th. On the 20th Mom's demeaner and clarity changed drastically. We went from excelling to declining. She's worse than when she arrived. She is now get shots in her bottom to battle this infection. Hopefully she will come out of it and be back on her road to recovery. Today we had our family Christmas with Mom. Mom came and participated some, but was back in bed soon after we ate. We have to feed her again and prompt her to drink. The confusion from the UTI is terrible. Hollie and her family came and I was there with Matt and Tim. Tim left early, he had been up all night working. Chris and his family didn't make it out. We played games. Hollie and I got prizes for the kids. Hollie made the plastic ball with gift cards to the movies and candy. I got Starbucks gift cards for the other games. We also got to decorate Christmas cookies. I loved that part, it's super therapeutic for me. I may make some here at home. I'm sure Hollie will post pictures later. All in all, we are hanging in there. Hopefully we see some improvement with Mom in the next day or two. Uncle Chuck, Mom got her Christmas Poinsettia!! It's beautiful!!! Candice and Bill stopped by yesterday with cookies and Mom got her box of cookies from Sandy and Doug Lawry, Hollies in law's too. She has enough treats to last her a long time. Mom may have to share with the friends she's making out here. The lil old ladies watch out for each other. So sweet. I just love it. Continue to pray for Mom that we can get this infection cleared up. Love to you all! More tomorrow!![...]

Posted 2018-12-20T02:24:33Z

Good Day! More Therapy!

Mom just gets better everyday. I'm impressed. The therapists are impressed. She needs more time, so we don't know if she will go home or not. Time will tell. She's already surprising us. Mom's killing it! She sat up in her chair most of the day. She did have a sleepy morning but did her therapy this afternoon. We have laughed a lot. Candice came for a visit and brought Christmas cards from Mom's women's circle at church. We read them all and put them on her window sill. I asked Mom if she'd like me to bring in dinner tonight. She settled on a burger and fries from Culver's. She loved it. So much better than bland food she's  getting each day. Meeting scheduled for tomorrow to discuss care and plan for care. We will have one each week. We are happy with the nursing for the most part. Her hair was done this morning. I was so pleased. They brushed it before taking her to lunch. They encouraged socialization. Mom went to another ladies room to look at the tree in her room, that her family brought. It's really cool to see her try to interact, it's helping her learn new stuff again. Just an overall good day. The doctor was in today and checked mom's orders and ordered blood work to ensure she's ok from her UTI. Other than that, that was our day. I go back to work on the 26th. The updates will get less, but I will try to update a couple times a week. I will still see her everyday, just around my schedule unless something comes up. Love all the support and prayers. Love you all!![...]

Posted 2018-12-19T04:24:19Z

Another Busy Day

Mom went through her therapies today. They said she did really well. She of course was super tired after. She slept for about 2 hours, then got up and went to lunch. Mom ate good and was more alert after lunch. She wanted to watch TV rather than go play Bingo. Watched Law and Order SVU and loved it. Had lots of comments. I told her she watched it before the Stroke. She said she liked it. She asked about family Christmas again and asked if I'd talked to Dad about it. I'm unsure if she meant someone else or Dad but I reminded her Dad had passed. She still wanted to know if I'd talked to him. I told her we miss him everyday. We will be having a little get together up at the nursing home, I have a conference room signed out. We will have pizzas and veggies and dip. Something quick and easy. We are going to decorate cookies with mom and the kids. Gotta have sugar Christmas cookies. Trying to keep some normalcy for our kiddos. Mom had dinner, and then I helped her get ready for bed and put her to bed. Mom can't have a lengthy conversation like we used to, but she's so much more layed back and we laugh a lot. I'm getting to know her and grow closer to her everyday. She was in bed, getting some Tylenol when I left for the night. Thanks for the prayers! The real work has started. [...]