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Posted 2018-12-25T22:22:20Z

Merry Christmas!!

Mom has been moved out of ICU to the telemetry floor. Her blood pressure is in the 140s/150s again, having to get extra medicine for that. Has been sleeping most of the afternoon. New CT showed a little more bleeding. However neuro is saying there is nothing surgical that would need to be or could be done. She's still not talking and doesn't really know what anyone is doing. She reacts to people touching her, but doesn't understand why. I've met her new nurse. He's a nice nurse and asked a lot of questions and seems interested in Mom, so that is good news. He's here until 7pm. I'm here for the duration too. I will go home to sleep later and back here in the morning. Hope everyone is having a Merry Christmas. Thanks for all the continued prayers as we start again this journey to healing whatever that may be. 

❤️ Erica

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Comments (2)

  • Jen Schrad
    Jen Schrad

    Merry Christmas Aunt Berla and family! You are in my heart and on my mind. Love, —Jen

    one year ago · Reply
  • Elizabeth Ann Poyner
    Elizabeth Ann Poyner

    You are so wonderful Erica! I'm so sorry this has happened again, hang in there. Aunt Berla you get better & no more trips to the hospital . We all love you so much rest well & Merry Christmas

    one year ago · Reply