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Posted 2018-12-30T01:52:27Z

It's been a long week

So we wanted to update everyone on how mom is doing. We have had a long week and lots of things have been happening. 

Since arriving on Christmas Eve mom has had 5 CT scans. The 1st showed the bleed and then they did another scan using contrast. They wanted to make sure the veins in her head were not clogged so the bleeding could be absorbed. This was normal. The 3rd scan showed increased swelling and a midline shift of 4mm. The 4th scan was no different than the 3rd. She had a 5th scan this morning and the swelling has increased to 7mm. 

Usually surgeons want to do surgery when there is a 5mm shift or greater to relieve the pressure, but they feel surgery for mom at this time is too risky and she may not even live through the surgery. 

Mom has had a lot of changes the past couple of days. She is sleeping more often and when she is awake we don't believe that she even registers what is going on. She no longer knows who we are and has been pretty nonverbal since admission. She has done some mumbling, but nothing we are able to understand. She has had increased fidgeting and reaching out her hands to try and grab at things. 

Her labs are still good, but urine output is low. She is not really eating or drinking. When we can get her to eat, she eats a little and then will push your hand away. They have her on fluids right now and we have no intention of starting another feeding tube. She did not do well with this last time and she has had no desire to have tubes long term. Due to her condition this would probably be a rest of her life thing, which she never wanted.  

We have taken the boots off of her legs to increase comfort for her, as this is the least of her worries. We think her right leg is contracted since she is unable to straighten it and it is constantly bent. 

Facial changes have increased as well. Mom is having facial drooping and mouth is more shifted to the right. She also has more open mouth breathing. We use swabs to help moisten her mouth and chapstick for her lips. Breathing is becoming more labored at times. 

Mom is now moved back to Powell 4. No real changes and she did not eat today. So needless to say we are now waiting to see what is going to happen from this point forward. 

Erica and Matt were still with mom when we left tonight. I will continue to check on her daily and Erica calls with any major changes. I'm so glad mom has Erica with her like she does and I am so very appreciative of everything Erica does with mom. I am sorry I am not here to help more. 

So prayers that mom finds peace and strength to make her decision to continue to stay with us or let us know she's ready to go see dad. 

Thank you for all of your posts and well wishes. We are truly blessed to have all of you in our lives. 

Hollie and Erica

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Comments (4)

  • Jen Schrad
    Jen Schrad

    Aunt Berla, we send our love to you and the family. XOXO, —Jen

    one year ago · Reply
  • Elizabeth Ann Poyner
    Elizabeth Ann Poyner

    Praying for peace and comfort for all of You! My heart is with you all on the daily. I love you all so much! I'm so sorry that this has happened & that the # went from a 5mm to a 7mm. You girl's are so strong, I honestly don't know how you can do it. I could go on & on, yet am at a loss for word's. Just remember no matter the out come God Is great & he too is with you all. I love you Aunt Berla ❤😚🤗😢

    one year ago · Reply
  • Ruth Winkler
    Ruth Winkler

    Hollie and Erica, it does sound like your week has been long and complicated. Prayers continue to be lifted for B.J. and her healing. She is indeed in God's hands -- as we all are. Please get as much rest as you can, yourselves, as you wait and listen and are present with B.J. May God give all of you the strength and wisdom that you need. Peace be with you. Shalom!

    one year ago · Reply
  • Carrie Heinzerling
    Carrie Heinzerling

    Continued prayers for you all. Thinking about you often!

    one year ago · Reply