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Posted 2019-01-01T04:13:41Z

We are settled! It's a beautiful place!

Mom arrived safely to Taylor House. She is sleeping soundly. Medication on board. Met with the hospice nurse and they have some great therapies here. Bathing is evening relaxing. They have a jet tub, they can lower her into. I also asked for her to have music and massage therapy. We will make sure she is well taken care of. Thank you for all the visits, calls, texts etc over this past month. It makes this journey with my Mom all the more special. Our mama is a fighter and fought harder than anyone could have ever imagined. To survive what she survived with one massive stroke let alone two. It was our turn to fight for her. We advocated for her wants and we were fortunate to have great medical staff at Methodist that agreed. Her doctor at the hospital was amazing. The nurses were so understanding and on top of things with keeping her comfortable until we transferred. No pain and lots of comfort was the goal. We have been welcomed by the hospice staff and this is the last stop on my Mom's journey. I intend to be with her as often as I can. We will ring in the New Year together. Love to you all!!! 

❤️ Erica

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  • Elizabeth Ann Poyner
    Elizabeth Ann Poyner

    Peace & comfort be with you Aunt Berla, love you.

    one year ago · Reply
  • Ruth Winkler
    Ruth Winkler

    God be with you all as you wait on God for B.J's final healing. May you feel the arms of God wrapping around you all! Sending you hugs. You are not alone. You are loved.

    one year ago · Reply