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After what was thought to be a routine trip to the urgent care for an expected diagnosis of strep throat, Randee was diagnosed with leukemia last Wednesday night. Also, f[...] read more

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Posted 2017-10-17T19:04:00Z


Let's just sit with this for a moment.

Randee's bone marrow biopsy from last Friday shows that the aggressive induction phase of her chemotherapy treatment has successfully put her leukemia into remission. Yay!

The cytology report indicated that the chromosomal abnormality for her particular leukemia puts her in the "good" category. This gives her the best possible prognosis for a complete cure. There is a newly FDA approved drug just for AML patients who share this same chromosomal abnormality that targets just the cancer cells (as opposed to wiping out all cells). This additional drug increases her survival odds even greater. Randee began taking that new drug yesterday and will continue for 10 days. Her next bone marrow biopsy will be on the 27th and the results from that, along with what her blood work shows at that time, will determine when she gets to go home for a little while before having to come back to start consolidation chemotherapy.

Keep those healing prayers coming!




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