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Posted 2015-05-14T16:08:09Z

Update II - 5/13/15

Good news – the BRCA testing came back as negative!! This is a good thing and means that treatment will proceed as planned. If the BRCA was positive, we would likely be facing some more extensive surgery.

So what’s next?


Next Wednesday, May 20th:
Lumpectomy at Prentice Hospital, time TBD (they don’t tell us the exact time until the afternoon before). Outpatient, but they said to expect to be there for the day. Should be home by late afternoon / early evening.

IF I’m feeling up to it, we may head to MI on Friday to recoup. My folks will be there and I think a MI sunset and my mom’s mac & cheese will be a fantastic healing agent!

Within 5 “business days” after surgery, we’ll get the pathology report. Praying that margins & lymph nodes are clear and no spread is detected.

June 3rd:
Three different follow up appointments, to set up the radiation schedule, etc. Steve & I are just taking the whole day off. Not quite the “downtown date day” that we might have chosen, but I’m glad he has the work flexibility to be with me.

Early to Mid-June:
Again, if all goes well, the radiation treatments will start by mid-June or so. They say that they are typically 5 days/week for 5-7 weeks. Biggest “side effects” mentioned are fatigue and kind of a consistent “sunburn” that develops in the area they are zapping through.

We are so grateful for the many offers of help that we’ve received. So how CAN you help?
- Continue to pray – biggest thing right now!
- As radiation begins, we’ll just have to see what this “fatigue” really looks like. We aren’t being stubborn about a Meal Train need – we promise to reach out if the need for meals, shopping help, etc. becomes evident. I hope to continue to work, tho may be able to work more from home.
- In the summer, the boys will go to camp 4 days/week at St. John’s. So we may need someone to take them on Fridays for a couple of hours while I go downtown for treatment. That schedule is still TBD.

THANK YOU for all of your thoughts and prayers. Keep ‘em coming!

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