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Betty Bresnahan and Maureen Gallegos - Journal

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Posted 2017-08-16T16:42:48Z

Seventh Update

 I wanted to let everyone know that Betty has not moved back home yet. In the last post I indicated she might be moved back by Aug 5th, but she is still working her but off in therapy at Brookdale. She was not yet strong enough to go home and the return home date is currently set for Aug. 25th. Each week the therapy team consults on her progress and determines her ability based on balance and strength, which resulted in a number changes to her "move home" date. She is very home sick so each delay was a big dose of disappointment. However, she is determined to do the therapy work required to gain more strength and balance that will enable her to move around safely at home. As much as we want her to be able to go home, the goal is to get her strong as possible to mitigate any possibility of a fall or further injury. [...]

Posted 2017-07-25T23:38:25Z

Sixth Update

The big news in this update is that as of last Wednesday, Maureen has had a successful move back to her own apartment. YAY!! She is thrilled to be back home even though there will still be challenges until she has recovered 100%. Her son Devan was able to fly down to stay with her in the apartment while she settled back in.  His help was much appreciated. She still requires the use of a walker to get around and has to be extra careful when she is alone not to risks any further injury. [...]

Posted 2017-06-22T15:59:00Z

Fourth Update

First off, Betty and Maureen are very grateful for the greeting cards and comments on FB and this page encouraging them as they work to recover. So a big THANK YOU from the ladies on your support, prayers and positive thoughts.[...]

Posted 2017-06-12T22:23:00Z

First Update

On June 10th 2017, Betty and Maureen were involved in a car accident.  Thankfully, the injuries they suffered are not life threatening and both are stable. They are both currently hospitalized at St. David's South Hospital in Austin Texas. I have listed their injuries and locations below. [...]