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Posted 2017-08-16T16:42:48Z

Seventh Update

 I wanted to let everyone know that Betty has not moved back home yet. In the last post I indicated she might be moved back by Aug 5th, but she is still working her but off in therapy at Brookdale. She was not yet strong enough to go home and the return home date is currently set for Aug. 25th. Each week the therapy team consults on her progress and determines her ability based on balance and strength, which resulted in a number changes to her "move home" date. She is very home sick so each delay was a big dose of disappointment. However, she is determined to do the therapy work required to gain more strength and balance that will enable her to move around safely at home. As much as we want her to be able to go home, the goal is to get her strong as possible to mitigate any possibility of a fall or further injury. 

We have been brave enough to go on a few outings to give Betty a break from facility life. Her first outing was to get a manicure and pick up dinner to go. Then I had her come to the house for pizza dinner. (fancy I know). Each time we have been out she has made it longer and longer without pain so we can tell her endurance is building.  I also invited her to come to the Open House happy hour at my new office so she and Brody could see where I work. I think their favorite part was the sancks!

Betty enjoyed Amy's Ice Cream and Brody had tacos and queso. We also stopped by the apartment to surprise Maureen with a visit. They were very happy to see each other and Betty was happy to see all her things again. 


Just this weekend we had a long outing to Dillard's shopping for new sneakers. We also braved the back to school crowds at Target and ended the trip with an Italian dinner.  She was pooped but we both enjoyed the outing. 

We are both keeping our finger's crossed that this latest move date will stick and she will be back home by the end of the month. 

Maureen has been holding down the fort at the apartment and making a lot of progress physically. Her transition home wasn't as smooth as we would have liked as she had suffered a rather serious blood clot in her leg upon returning home. She spent 1 night in the hospital to treat the blood clot. It caused swelling and pain in her feet which she is still dealing with. She is walking on her own with occasional support from the walker. She has regular visits from a physical therapist during the week to continue her recovery. Amanda takes her to see her doctors who monitor her progress as well. She is now a pro at using Instacart which is a grocery delivery service! She is also very anxious to have Betty home. 

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Comments (5)

  • Maria D Stickel
    Maria D Stickel

    Thanks so much for the update about these dear ladies. Please tell them their Amarillo friends think of them often! Maria

    2 years ago · Reply
  • BJ Oppermann
    BJ Oppermann

    Dear friend (Betty) I am sorry to read that your go-home date has been postponed but it is just a postponement It sounds like your days out have been fun (even if tiring) I was also really sorry to read about Maureen's foot injury. We in Amarillo send you love and good wishes. Take care of yourself, please. BJ

    2 years ago · Reply
  • Annette Fambrough
    Annette Fambrough

    Hang in there, Betty. Light is at the end of the tunnel. Maureen, it is great to hear that you are able to stay at apartment. Hopefully, soon this will be in your rear end mirror.

    2 years ago · Reply
  • Earl Navratil
    Earl Navratil

    We really appreciate all the attention you and Amanda are giving to help with the recovery of Betty and Maureen. Many thanks for all you have done. Thank you for the updates. Earl and Karen.

    2 years ago · Reply
  • Karen Navratil
    Karen Navratil

    Denise, Thanks for the detailed update. I appreciate all the help and attention that you have given Mom and Maureen. They are lucky to have you. Love, Mom

    2 years ago · Reply