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Margaret  Marshall Margaret Marshall

Hey Maureen. What a predicament. My heart stopped when we heard.

We know you and your mom are getting great care and are where you need to be right now. Maureen--may your and Betty's energy increase exponentially in this new week. It is so wonderful that you have those you love close by.

Thank you Amanda and Denise. Best of all wishes for the whole family. Maureen, you are much loved and missed up here in the Pacific Northwest. A wonderful, kind and strong person. Remember that in the midst of all this.

Cheers and Love

Betty Rennell Betty Rennell

Aunt Betty and Maureen,
We think of you every day and pray for your speedy recovery. You are strong women with lots of grit, which we know will carry you through this difficult time. Our hearts are broken that you have to endure the pain of injury, but praise God for the care you are receiving. Sending our love.
Betty and Larry

Karen Navratil Karen Navratil

I hope that you continue to improve. You are in our thoughts!

Dianne Armstrong Dianne Armstrong

Betty and Aunt Maureen- We are so very sorry about the accidenttt and are holding you both in our thoughts! We are sorry we are so far away and will be home late Tuesday. We love you!

Stori Spofford Stori Spofford

Aunt Betty, even though you are some kind of cousin, removed, I remember that we referred to you as "Aunt Betty" growing up! I wish you and Maureen a very speedy recovery! Love to you both! Mom sends the same wishes for your recovery!

Lisa Richter Lisa Richter the Wonder Woman I know you are!

Janet James Janet James

Hello Maureen. I am so sorry to here of the car accident with you and your mom. Please let me know whenever you are able to talk on the phone. I will let Jim know about this. Please take good care of yourself and do what the doctor say to do. I love you.
Janet James

Cynthia Schiebel Cynthia Schiebel

Sending Love and Light to you both for speedy recoveries! 🌷