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Bev's Journey of Hope

To allow family and friends to be updated on Bev's battle with breast cancer

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Happy Tuesday Y'all!

Okay so I was going to try to do better at journaling on a regular basis but I don't seem to be doing too good at that. However, I am feeling wordy today so here goes...

I am feeling like the normal Bev so we are going camping for a few days. I can't wait to get my toes in the sand and Lake Michigan. Gary has been getting the travel trailer ready so we can go celebrate 20 years of bliss <3 We will be camping near Ludington and biking one of our favorite rail trails. We will bike one day, do some walking around Ludington, and hanging out at the beach of our favorite great lake. Seems like a good week to be near a water too with this heat wave. It just stopped sprinkling rain here so extra steamy now. 

Elizabeth is also preparing for her trip to Alaska to see Daniel and celebrate his birthday with him in Skagway. They have some fun planned and I know they will have a great time. Finally some pictures so I can see Dan's face lol. I miss him so much! Hard to believe their season is half over already. 

I continue to receive cards, gifts and love daily and cannot thank you all enough. I plan to pay it forward since it seems impossible to thank everyone adequately. It is all of you that keeps my spirit alive and well. Cancer won't define me or get the better of me as you know so keep that love coming and I'll make you proud. Hugs!

I continue to heal which is due to all of your prayers, good vibes and love. It was encouraging to have treatment #3 go a little better than treatment #2 so I feel more empowered going into treatment #4 and the final for chemotherapy round 1. They say round 2 will be easier so I am ready to finish up round 1 and keep moving forward. Still hopeful my treatment will be shorter than the original plan because I'm ready to resume my awesome life.

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