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Bev's Journey of Hope

To allow family and friends to be updated on Bev's battle with breast cancer

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Posted 2019-11-19T14:21:51Z

What I've Learned

One learns about patience when battling triple negative breast cancer (TNBC). Just when I think I've gained some ground my cancer tells me otherwise. Since the pneumonia we have not been able to slow down this beast. On October 28th I began a new chemo treatment since after 7 of 12 Taxol treatments we were not bringing results needed. This was two new chemo's every 21 days. Though this would move my surgery out farther once again we were hopeful the new treatment would shrink my tumor. Yesterday was to be treatment #2, but my oncologist decided to hold off on treatment until next Monday since my blood levels tanked. The affects of the chemo unfortunately. Platelets, white, red and neutriphyl had all gone very low since my appointment on November 11th. So instead of treatment I had my day after shot which is supposed to help my body grow more white blood cells and an EKG to check my heart rhythm for new chemo. So next week on the 25th we are doing the Carboplatin from my first treatment of round 3 but changing the other chemo to something that is supposed to work better on the TNBC, Eribulin. So I've learned about patience, trust, faith and hope. Daily devotions from my daughter and another book I have from a work colleague help me with all of these (and cards from Jill with great bible verses). Things I need to stay positive and keep fighting this battle. I've also learned that I can not stop learning. I continue to learn about my cancer, how hard it is to treat and treatment options. This does not change my attitude or will to fight. There are many cases of TNBC where she survives and I plan to be one of them. I learned that my goal of being back to work on January 2, 2020 is not likely and I'm okay with that as long as the new treatment gets me to a successful surgery. 

My amazing husband got me a puppy, which I have wanted for some time. It's probably not the best time with winter and not knowing what my treatment schedule will be (it changes often lately), though my Lori has already brought me so much love and laughter. She is a great distraction from my daily cancer life and I am so grateful for her. She's good for both of us.

I already knew I have the best family ever, but they all are here for me and let me know this every day. Last week I enjoyed lunch with my dad, a visit from Dan, Liz and Zeddicus (my granddog) and the great salad we made for lunch on Wednesday then a visit and dinner with my dear friend Lori while Gary went bowling. I am grateful for other visits too since I don't go out much. And as far as great friends go, I have so many of them too! 

I've also learned that prayers work and lift me up. Please keep those prayers coming as they are so needed and appreciated. I still have that army of love and support behind me that amazes me daily as well. I don't know if thank you begins to express my gratitude, but please know I tell people often about my army and how much you help me. You guys are the best medicine really and I count my blessings every day <3

So I'll continue to learn and heal. God bless and many hugs!



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