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Bev's Journey of Hope

To allow family and friends to be updated on Bev's battle with breast cancer

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Posted 2020-01-11T18:15:09Z

Hope Anchors the Soul

Happy Saturday all,

It appears to be a good day to stay in. Lots of rain that is changing to ice - yuck! I stay in most days trying to keep healthy and avoid all these viruses, bacterial infections, and cooties going around. I have to stay as healthy as possible for my two surgeries next week. 

Monday the 13th I will have surgery to finally get this nasty tumor out of my body, a modified radical mastectomy then the plastic surgeon will use skin made from shark cartilage and bovine (cow) to temporarily close my wound. I will have a second surgery on Friday the 17th with my plastic surgeon who will know pathology results and remove any further tissue and/or lymph nodes then use my own skin and possibly muscle to do a final close of my wound. Will know more about the extent of Friday's surgery once we have pathology results. The up side to two surgeries means Monday won't be as long of a procedure as we were looking at before it was changed. I will have a 1-3 day stay for both procedures so we will be hanging out at Henry Ford Allegiance Health most of next week. I'm mostly packed and ready for Monday. I am ready to be done with the pain and persistence of Medusa the Horrible. I told her yesterday that very soon I will be done being her host and she will be slices in a petri dish. 

Gary continues to be my rock. He takes great care of me and Lori. Speaking of Lori, she is a strong willed, smart girl and is growing like crazy. She weighs almost 40 pounds at four months old. She is a challenge and learning to be a polite dog. She loves to go with us in the car, rides great in her car crate and keeps us laughing and walking. It helps having the mild winter we've been having. Trying to be as strong as I can be for next week so we have hit the bike trails and walking in our neighborhood almost every day.

I will likely be having radiation treatment after I recover from surgeries. They say it's hard but if you've had chemo its a breeze. I hope to be back to work at least part time while I have radiation and getting healthy so I can get back to "normal".

I know I've said it before and have to say again...thank you all so much for your continued prayers, support and love! This has taken much longer than I anticipated and I'm sure you are feeling the same. I will put an update on FB and/or here when I'm coherent lol. Feels like a light at the end of the tunnel now thank goodness!

Love & hugs <3


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