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Timi Timi

If you like to make your truss system more nice, you can add more roofs or wings to finish it. Whatever flat roof, or triangle roof is available. The colorful covering can be put on the truss roof, then you can be protected against by the sunshine and rainy.

The roof truss system is one of the most crucial parts to home construction. To do it correctly, a stable design model must be created. Aside from personal preference, the style of the truss must be designed to properly support the roof of the home. A sturdy truss system will help ensure the home's lifespan and safety.

Different material different roof system. RK choose high quality material, and to ensure the truss to be durable and strong.

Easy to assemble, convenience to install and dismounting.

It's quick and easy to set up and disassemble, easy for your transportation.

Can be used for exhibition booth, concert, wedding, banner displays, staging structure, towering system and so on.

RK is one of suppliers, we can manufacture this aluminum roof truss good quality and good strength as per requirement of our customers.RK is leading manufacturer of the Stage Truss, we are supplying aluminum truss in our official site. RK trade show truss system will be your best choice. Our website is