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The new year started out great, until January fourth when I found a small dimple and small lump on my right breast. Within days I was in the doctors office. A few days la[...] read more

LATEST JOURNAL ENTRY - 2016-12-07T22:41:23Z

Mission Accomplished - December 7, 2016

I stand before this bell alive and healthy bringing an end to 12 months of treatment. In January being diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer I turned my body over to MD Anderson. There have been six months of chemotherapy to attempt to kill off the cancer cells, in September I had my boob amputated only to find out of the 35 lymph nodes removed 15 remained cancerous along with 5% of the tumor. Luckily none of those things remain in my body today; they have gone where they belong into the incinerator.
November brought me here, to begin 44 rounds of radiation, 22 at 7am and 22 at 2pm. 33 of those sessions lasted approximately 30 minutes with 9 zaps of radiation while holding my breath.
I am thankful to this wonderful group of techs as they have shown nothing but precision, professionalism, kindness and laughter, allowing me to endure my time here, making the process bearable.
The significance of ringing this bell today is not to bring an end to treatment, but is me taking back my life and starting a new beginning as one hell of a strong, Super Woman!  See my photos!!!!

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