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About This Site


This site created to keep our loving and supportive friends and family updated as our brave son, Billy, walks through his battle against Stage 3 Lymphoma.

To our dear friends and family we extend our most sincere gratitude from the depths of our hearts for the continued outpouring of love and support since Billy's diagnosis of Stage 3 Lymphoma on December 12, 2016.  We feel so incredibly loved receiving the daily phone calls, texts, emails,  meals, prayers and gifts for Billy Boy.  The only tears our son has shed since his walk began were Christmas Day as he looked around the room at all the cards and letters and special treats family and friends had sent him. When I asked him what he was feeling as the tears continued to roll down his cheeks...he simply replied that he was lucky to have really great friends and family.  As his mother,  I cannot tell you the comfort I have knowing that his first tears, the only tears to this point, have been tears of joy.  We have all of you to thank and we want you to know that your thoughtfulness and kindness has changed this challenging event in our son's life in the BEST way possible.  The impact of even the smallest gesture is felt by all of us in the Nestos family and we are so moved and humbled by the magnitude of your love.  We thank you and ask for your continued prayers as Billy Boy will need them for the months ahead.  His doctors were very straight-forward with him telling him this would likely be the toughest battle he will ever fight in all his years (and he was promised many).  Please pray that Billy's heart is filled with courage and strength, peace and the will to clear each and every hurdle that is put in front of him.  We pray Billy will rise up to the challenge placed on his shoulders and that, once on the other side of this, our child of God will be standing in remission with many healthy and happy years ahead.  This site is designed to keep us connected to our loved ones praying for Billy Boy and our family. It's also meant to keep friends and family informed during Billy's walk because it is growing increasingly difficult to return calls, emails and texts.  Thank you for your understanding... My first journal entries are  a rather detailed account of how this walk began back in November as I felt it important to share Billy's entire story.  I am working hard to bring everyone up to real time.  Thank you, again, for all your love and support.  XO The Nestos Bunch  XO