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Sunday, February 12

I realize this post will be out of sequence as my last one dates back to mid-January when Billy was about to begin Round 2.
My reason for journaling in real-time today is twofold...first, I had the kind of day today that inspires me to run (not walk) to my computer and, two, to ask dear friends and family for a very specific prayer.
Today we stand right in the heart of round 3. Billy was in the hospital from February 3-9, home recovering since early Thursday evening. We have had several
good days in a row here at home...not unlike the six days in the hospital this time around. I plan to give a more detailed account of this round in a future post but am so happy to share that this round looked and felt entirely different for Billy Boy. Still, the level of fatigue we're experiencing is unchartered territory for both of us and I must admit I crashed into this Sunday morning feeling like both my body and spirit would NOT recover for days. Thankfully, I sit here with "my cup" spilling over because this day was filled with things like...

sleeping in
recalling the sound of my mother's supportive voice last night on the phone
a cup of coffee from the machine Kimmie bought me when she was in town
crawling in bed with Billy Boy late morning for a cuddle
the happy sounds of our older sons pouring into the house to spend the day here at home
the lasting embraces from the Johnny, Andrew and of which always ends in an affectionate tickle (#peter)
making Johnny his favorite eggs (#feta)
the sun in my eyes as I pull out of my neighborhood with John Mayer on the radio
Melina's bouncing ponytail as she happily runs into her dance studio for her Sunday rehearsals
Pushing PLAY CD and having the one Johnny made for me fill the car with sounds of an all-time favorite song (#Paintmeabirmingham)
Pulling up to the park to watch my husband and our five sons playing baseball on an unseasonably warm afternoon
Spiro's genuine joy for brother Billy as he plays his first hours on his new gaming computer (#Cal's Angels #wishcometrue)
Dancing with my husband in the kitchen to an old favorite for Melina (#Aha)
Visiting with a favorite old friend at Costco
Family Dinner
FRENCH SILK PIE (#thevish)
Andrew (#lovememytechguy) uploading fave pics to our Post Hope site
Journaling before heading to bed with my heart filled with joy

It's been a beautiful day and I am feeling so grateful, peaceful and hopeful for what tomorrow will bring.
Billy Boy will be scanned on February 20 to determine the impact of his first three rounds of chemotherapy.
Doctors will be looking for at least 80% shrinkage of his tumors. I know everyone is so unselfishly praying for
Billy and our family. I would like to ask that you please specifically pray for THIS result...80% shrinkage.
We billieve in the powers of prayer and that God will shine his healing light on Billy Boy. We thank you all...
from the depths of our hearts...and will keep you posted in the coming days as Billy's recovery continues.
God Bless us EVERYONE!!

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Comments (11)

  • Kimmie Marshall
    Kimmie Marshall

    I'm lifting Billy Boy up in prayer asking God to HEAL BILLY and shrink the tumors by 80% or MORE and that the scan on Feb 20th brings all the Nestos bunch a sense of calm and peace knowing Billy's treatment is working! #IBILLieve!❤

    3 years ago · Reply
  • Kathleen LaMere
    Kathleen LaMere

    God Bless Billyboy-!! ❤️❤️sending sooo much love and hugs and prayers from ALL the LaMeres!! We love you guys and are sending prayers LIKE CRAZY for 80%!!!! XOXO

    3 years ago · Reply
  • Sue Americus
    Sue Americus

    Putting all of my thoughts, actions and spirit into praying to God for February 20th to be the day we all exhale and praise God for the strength Billy Boy has shown and received through His hand. xxxooo

    3 years ago · Reply
  • A.L. Ilenfeld
    A.L. Ilenfeld

    Eliza, you are such a beautiful and eloquent writer. Thank you for keeping us appriased of the situation with these personal updates. You all are SO strong and incredibly tightknit that nothing can break you! :) Sending positive thoughts, hope, & wishes to you! XOXOX Love, AshLeyIlenfeld

    3 years ago · Reply
  • Lisa Ryno
    Lisa Ryno

    Sending thoughts and more importantly prayers. You all are always on our minds. XOXO, The Ryno Family

    3 years ago · Reply
  • Tina Bishop
    Tina Bishop

    The Nestos family's strength, love, and faith is so inspiring to me. If I didn't know you already, I would want to get to know you from what I read;) You are all in my constant prayers but I will go into church and light 8 candles for 10% shrinkage of the unwelcomed visitor!! I say visitor, because I know Billy will be kicking it's butt out the door any minute now:)

    3 years ago · Reply
  • Maria Zimbrakos
    Maria Zimbrakos

    Continued prayers for 80% shrinkage and more. Billy is a warrior he will beat this!

    3 years ago · Reply
  • Amy Gerns
    Amy Gerns

    Sending love, thoughts and prayers for 80%+++ and more french silk, dancing, sunshine, music and hugs forever! xoxoxox

    3 years ago · Reply
  • Kelli Sorkin
    Kelli Sorkin

    What amazing perspective you have -- to step back, notice and show gratitude for all that is good!! Not everyone can do that, even in the easiest of times. Also, thank you for sharing something that people can (and will, happily!) do for you and Billy! xoxo Kendall, Kelli & the rest of us Sorkins :)

    3 years ago · Reply
  • Julie Portugal Gange
    Julie Portugal Gange

    Elizabeth, I went to school with Billy and Peter and lived in their neighborhood Tall Trees growing up. I was a medical social worker, adults and Peds, for many years, so I hope they are helping you with whatever you need. As a friend, my thoughts and prayers go out to you for, of course, the 80% and more and for him to completely rid his system of all of this. Your posts are most inspiring and although we don't know each other my prayers pour out to Billy, you, Billy, all of your children and to your entire family. ❤🙏🏼

    3 years ago · Reply
  • Joanna Kendall
    Joanna Kendall

    Our family has been praying for your beautiful Billy ever since we heard the news. We know he will get better!!! Stay strong and believe!

    3 years ago · Reply