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Posted 2017-02-22T16:57:41Z

He who has a why can endure any how. Friedrich Nietzsche

Dearest Billy Boy...

This morning we wake up knowing you WILL achieve remission in your battle with lymphoma.  The joy we shared yesterday as a family is unmatched by any other moments we have ever known and we will savor it forever. I know how much you have appreciated the love that has surrounded you during this incredibly challenging time in your life, Billy Boy, but this post isn't about our blessed family, it is about YOU.  I can't walk into the next round without acknowledging the approach you took in fighting this battle. Your strength and courage were your superpowers...and you relied on them hour by hour to get you over each and every hurdle that was set before you.  Your willingness to embrace every single appointment, poke and treatment with such grace and tenacity was awe-inspiring.  No matter what obstacle any given day brought your tirelessly and quietly conquered it with a resolve I'm not sure even I could rally in your position.  I want you to know how proud we are of you, Billy Boy.  You have proven to be a great and determined and inexhaustible warrior.  You have proven that your BEST will always be enough to deliver you WHEREVER you want to go.  YOU, together with God's grace and glory, have triumphed over your illness.  I will always remember your confidence, Billy, from the very moment you learned of your diagnosis.  You declared you would BEAT this cancer with such conviction that it took my breath away.  I remember feeling speechless in that moment and then a rush of relief for your faith washed over me. You may not have known it at the time, Billy, but YOU actually comforted ME in that moment with your unmistakable bravery.  For that, and so much more, my boy, I want to express my thankfulness and love for you.  I want you to know how very proud we are of you and how much we love, treasure and adore you.  We know God's purpose for this journey is still unknown...but I have a strong feeling that, whenever it is revealed to us, we will look back on this time knowing you did something very good, Billy Boy, something very, very good.  We, as your family, will forever be in your debt for carrying this for us...and we look to your tomorrows with peace and the great hope that your life is filled with faith and trust in God, the security of your family, and a gratitude for all things ALWAYS.  God Bless you, Billy Boy, forever and ever...AMEN.

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Comments (2)

  • Jess salsman
    Jess salsman

    Amazing news Elizabeth. We are so excited for your family. You all stuck together and fought this together and won!!! I love you all

    3 years ago · Reply
  • Anna Salsman Xeros
    Anna Salsman Xeros

    There was no doubt from the beginning that Billy boy was going to kick cancer in the ass! With the Grace of God, his team of amazing doctors and the love of his family he was a hands down winner. We are thrilled with the amazing news! God Bless you Billy Boy!

    3 years ago · Reply