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Marietta Quiroga Marietta Quiroga

Dearest Billy,

Hope this msg finds you feeling well! Loved seeing the pics of you & your family on your trip! We are thinking of you and praying for a prosperous, healthy and happy future! But this message is geared toward your beloved mother................................................................... I know she told you that you were her strength in getting through these past months but I have to give a shout out to your wonderful mom whose strength IS paralleled to yours! You are undeniably very blessed to have this beautiful (inside & out) woman standing by your side today and always! God bless you, your mom and your entire family!
With love,
Mrs Quiroga

Aimee Lanphere Aimee Lanphere

Dear Nestos family,
I can't remain silent any longer. Please contact me at 224-558-6359 or [email protected] I hate to be the harbinger of doubt, but you need to have a Plan B & you need to be working on it now because it will take months to enact should you need it. I don't want Billy & your family to endure what our family and a third Glenview family has endured. We just went through this last year & remain current with the clinical trials. You can learn from us. Our doctors can collaborate. My friend who heads up the Lymphoma Research Foundation has offered to help you.

I am constantly praying for you, & my prayers are answering me to act now. If I don't hear from you, I will be knocking at your doors. I'd rather you dislike me as rude than not allow me to help you.

One of your boys played baseball with my Joe on the team my former husband coached.

Hoping to hear from you soon,
Aimee Lanphere

Alexandria Kardasis Alexandria Kardasis

Dear Billy,
You are in our prayers everyday! We know in our hearts that you will recover SOON! You have an AMAZING family that is with you every step of the way! Alexander can't wait to see you back in school!
The Kardasis Family

Sarah Nestos Sarah Nestos

We love you with ALL our hearts, sweet Billy!!!
❤❤Theo Peter, Thea Sarah, Mary Katherine, Thomas and Michael! We can't wait to give you a big hug and a kiss!!! All of us are waiting! xo❤

Jackie Batalis Jackie Batalis

Young Billy Nestos...we are in awe of your courage, strength and faith and it is this paired with the undying love, prayers and support from the amazing people in your life that have brought you to this blessed moment in your recovery. Know that we love you and are so proud of you and who you are. God has great plans for you!!
XO The Batalis Family XO

Connie Tsouloufas Connie Tsouloufas

God plus one is always a majority! If God be for us, who can against us? Romans 8:31

A.L. Ilenfeld A.L. Ilenfeld

Hi BILLYBOY Billy Elizabeth Melina Spiro John Andrew & Peter,
I miss you! I am just reading and learning about this. I have faith that your incredible family strength will prevail. Sending positive thoughts and wishes!!! Love, cousin AshLey Ilenfeld

Connie Tsouloufas Connie Tsouloufas

In trying times, Don't quit trying, God is with you. God Bless you Billy. Pantelis and Connie Tsouloufas

Andrea Mandas Andrea Mandas

Stay strong Billy, you are in our prayers and with the love and support of your family you will beat this! Sending our love and support to the Nestos family, we love you all.

Andrea Mandas & Family

Jess salsman Jess salsman

We love you Billy and my thoughts and prayers are with you everyday. Your will, determination, strength and family support will help you overcome this obstacle.

Kimmie Marshall Kimmie Marshall

Love you Billy!
Love to the Nestos Fam.

Anna Salsman Xeros Anna Salsman Xeros

Billy be brave my child and may God put his healing hands on you and cleanse you of all that invaded your body, mind and soul. The Xeros family has you in our hearts and prayers each and every second. We are confident that you will beat this and it will be life changing for everyone. God loves you and is with you every step of the way. Lord have mercy!

Leah Mandas Pablecas Leah Mandas Pablecas

Praying everyday for you Billy!!! And sending all our love and support always...

Kristen D'Agostino Kristen D'Agostino

You are amazing in every way Billy! Stay strong and feel our love!

Andrew Montesantos Andrew Montesantos

You're my hero, lil' Will