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Bill's Liver Transplant Support

Bill Eidem has had a year of dwindling health due to Liver Failure. He has lost over 100 pounds and spent over 30 days in the hospital in 2017. Bill wants to live.

Latest journal entry

Tomorrow will be a long day at Mayo Clinic Rochester

The last 10 days have been great. Dad has completed 24 hours of out-patient group care. He is unfortunately missing 3 hours of group that he had scheduled for tomorrow. We just arrived in Rochester for the night in preparation for a long day of tests and consultations. This appointment was made in October. He continues to get stronger and has enjoyed visits from family throughout the weekend. 

Today, Dad, Mom and I took off about 5:45pm and just got to the hotel in Rochester to stay the night in preparation for a full day of tests and consultations tomorrow. We start early with 7am bloodwork, followed by Blood Pressure Education, 6 minute walking test, Liver Transplant Nurse Coordinator Visit, Liver Transplant Consultation Visit, Transplant Counselor Visit, Pulmonary Consultation, Liver Unit Tour and then about 6pm we should be headed back home from Mayo. It'll be a long day that we hope helps answer more questions and gets dad that much closer to being on the list. 

Thanks to everyone for the cards, comments and continued thoughts and prayers. It takes a village! Very fortunate to have all the help and support we have! 

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