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Learning Thru Cancer

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Posted 2013-04-14T22:35:11Z

Week 2 Completed

After last post nausea kicked in but tolerable, no throwing up, good deal.  But those nausea meds do have side effects and made me dizzzzzy, spaced out.  Other symptoms include constant ringing in ears, poor sleeping and found out I am very claustrophobic with that mask, it got to me.  Freaked out on third day and now take happy pill prior to radiation.  But all in all, I'm very thankful and thank God that things could be worse.

Now entering week three and the task is going to get much more difficult.  Just now starting to feel the mouth and throat burning from radiation's cumulative effect.  Mouth sores have started; speech is now being impeded; eating is difficult...feels like chewing glass.  Losing weight now must fight to keep calorie intake at a premuim.  Trying not to install a feeding tube but is automatic upon lose of more than 10% body weight. 

In closing, I thank God we even have the technology to be cured.  Praying for Cyndi Mancini from Salem, NH who has Stage 4 lung cancer.  Pray that doctors heal her and her body reacts miraculously, in the name of Jesus Christ.

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