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Binnie’s Recovery

We have set up this site to keep everyone updated on Binnie’s recovery.

LATEST JOURNAL ENTRY - 2019-05-24T23:15:08Z

Welcome to Binnie’s page

Hello all!  Sheryl here. I know many people have been thinking about my mom and wondering how she is progressing. Binnie is in room 157 at Powhatan Nursing Home. Address is 2100 Powhatan St, Falls Church VA, 22043. She is doing well with her therapies and is getting stronger every day. She is not fond of the food here, so we are trying to bring her foods she likes. She is still struggling with short-term memory and she is easily fatigued. I know many of you want to speak with her, but she is a lady of few words these days!

We will update here every few days. You may leave well wishes and we will read them to her. 


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