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Posted 2017-11-07T03:04:00Z

It could happen to any of us.

You're at the top of a long and successful career. Because of your hard work and stellar reputation, you've earned the opportunity to move from one big name company to another. It's an exciting step. Sure, there's risk. But it's worth it. For your family and your future.

So you accept the new position. 

Then, weeks later, the unthinkable happens. 

You suffer a devastating, deeply debilitating stroke. Your entire life changes in an instant. All your plans for the future are on hold as you and your loved ones adjust to this unexpected and heartbreaking reality. 

You - the person your family relies on most - are now the one who needs help. Serious, long term medical help. But because you're only a few weeks into your new gig, you're not eligible for long term disability. And you're barely eligible for Cobra coverage. 

This story is about Bob Libby, our friend and former colleague. Bob has had to re-learn the basics (e.g. brushing his teeth), and is still working to regain his ability to speak. He has a long road to recovery, many medical and therapy bills, and an uncertain future as it relates to work.  This is why we're here, asking for your help with this unthinkable and all too real situation.

Please make a donation today to help Bob and Sheri with the mountain of medical bills they are facing. You know Bob would be there for you. Let's be there for him. 

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