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Wade ash Wade ash

Good Luck, Bob. We are praying for you.

Sue Fangmann Sue Fangmann

Hi Bob -- I hope you are getting stronger each day. Totally unfair what has happened -- but I hope you have faith that the Lord knows what he's doing and will can find joy/comfort in that.

Alexander Bähr Alexander Bähr

Merry Christmas! Hope you keep moving and have a come back in 2018. All the best from the Baehr family!

Mark Eglund Mark Eglund

Bob - the fund is making great progress! Take care of yourself and keep on fighting like you've done all your life.

Kathryn Ellis Kathryn Ellis

Bob - you've always been such a kind and encouraging person to me. At this time, I'd like to encourage you - I hope you and your family find strength in the support of your friends and family to help focus on your recovery.

Rudy Gezik Rudy Gezik

Bob - it was great to see you at the happy hour - it's been way too long! You have an unwavering determination, strong faith and great group of family and friends - you will get through this, there's not a doubt in my mind! Stay strong and positive! Thoughts and prayers are with you!

Chad Padera Chad Padera

Sorry I couldn't make the Happy Hour. My thoughts & prayers go out to Bob and his family. Warmest wishes for a total healing and speedy recovery.

Christina Lu Christina Lu

Bob, hope you recover soon! You can do it and you will be there!

Richard Erickson Richard Erickson

Bob, I'm praying for you and your family. Take care and get well!

Lisa Patzner Lisa Patzner

Bob, I'm sorry I missed the event. From the photos, you look amazing. I pray for your continued strength. Keep the faith! You've got this!!!!!

Ed Dzadovsky Ed Dzadovsky

You are an inspiration my friend

Tom Dillon Tom Dillon

Bob - great to see you last week, you look fantastic buddy! Sending you all the support and strength we have to help get you through what I know is a very challenging time. Love you man...

Frank Liberio Frank Liberio

Sorry I missed the event

Ross Goodfellow Ross Goodfellow

Bob, it was GREAT to see you! Keep fighting and you have a huge group of friends and family behind you on your road to recovery.

Dennis Barlow Dennis Barlow

Praying for you and your family Bob