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Bob’s updates and positive messages

This site is to update family and friends about Bob's fight with lung cancer.

Latest journal entry

March 12 2018

Hi All,

Bob has now had his fifth treatment. We are in what they call maintenance. They have eliminated one chemo drug. So he gets Keytruda and a 10 minute chemo drug. The other day he had a rash over his entire body. I never saw anything like this before. So of course I call the doctor and they want to see him. The next day he does see the doctor and it is ok. The rash shows his body is responding to the drugs. I read the paper work you would never think it was ok. We will go with what the doctor is saying. Bob has started chantex to help with  the urge to smoke. It is doing a much better job than the patch. Thank goodness. It is difficult to break a life long habit. We are trying to replace it, Bob eats hard candy or gum.Maybe the next time we see the doctor we will ask for the perscription for medical pot to get him to increase his appetite. Maybe we can get him to eat more foods. He currently loves fruit. 

Love to all Liz 

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