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This site is to update family and friends about Bob's fight with lung cancer.

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11/29 Bob went in for his immune therapy treatment yesterday. He has dropped another 7 pounds. His nurse ,Susie has told him he must eat small amounts ever hour. Today I went out and bought all kinds of food that come prepared in small amounts. He ate some fruit and jello. Yeah. Maybe we will gain weight. Bob uses Vicks under his nose to allow him to eat and not smell what he is eating. He currently struggles to swallow food, but we hope with time his tumor will shrink and eating will become easier.

Bob seems to be handling the keytruda, immune therapy. Merck, the maker of keytruda has awarded us a grant of $25000. We were very thankful to get this news. I know it is  a relatively new drug and expensive. Bob and I are grateful to all who have made this a possibility.

We are grateful for all the positive thoughts that everyone has sent our way. As you may notice I have sent this noye as opposed to Adaline who is much better at stating everything we experience.

Love to all, liz 

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