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Bob’s updates and positive messages

This site is to update family and friends about Bob's fight with lung cancer.

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Positive things keep happening

Dear family and friends,

I'm sorry it has been so long since I have given you an update. Bob and I did travel to TN  It was very warm, I was uncomfortable but Bob loved it. We did a lot of antique shopping. Bob loves to rummage through stuff to find that one weird item. 

Bob is only getting no drug, all chemo is done at this point.bob is still on keytruda , the immune therapy.he is glad o be off 2 pills that go along with chemo.

bob loves being retired. I had him help me set up my classroom for the last time this year. The reason for not posting is the start of my second week of school I feel and broke my right ankle and sprained my left ankle. I have had to keep both feet elevated. Bob has had to do everything. He gets very tired trying  todo all the things that need to get done. We are ordering out for dinner.

bob has gained weight,157 pounds. A week later he dropped to 147.we are waiting for the medical marajuania  certificates. This past week Bob slept about 18 hours off and on all week. I'm sure this is just another blib. 

Love to you all liz

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