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Bob’s updates and positive messages

This site is to update family and friends about Bob's fight with lung cancer.

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Good news

Happy Father's day to all you male members. Bob enjoyed a few ribs, sword fish and pasta salad. Can't forget that he loved spending time with his family.

Today we visited the doctor. The meeting went well. Back track, a few weeks ago we went to the ER  because Bob was in extreme pain a level 8 (usually his pain is a 2). He was unable to walk and his foot and hand were swollen. Bob was starting to feel defeated. He was falling apart, which we usually accept with age. After our appointment today Bob felt much better about his pain. The doctor explained the treatment he gets causes your immune system to be on high alert and the aches and pains he has could be a result of treatment.They will check his uric acid level. The doctor was going to give us a prescription, but he explained Bob can take the morphine pills every 4 hours as needed. Don't laugh I have been limiting his pills to one maybe two a night. I messed up. Bob continues to be cold, so they will check his thyroid levels. It was a little high last month. Bob has maintained his weight about 145 pounds. He will tell you all that I have a funnel to his mouth, not true. 

We plan to take a few short trips this summer. We are going to visit my uncle in Asheville for 4 days at the end of this month. In July we will drive to Clarksville TN to visit a friend of mine. We have taken a new look at our lives.

Probably the biggest news is that Bob's last day of work was June 6. We have applied for SS disability. That can take 60-120 days. His work is giving him FMLA, which means he can get some disability through Walgreens. Today we applied for VA health care benefits. As we read the paper work the max amount allowed per year is $700. I guess it is something.But Bob's last surgery ran about $37000. We have tried to apply for the medical marijuana but the web pages within the application no longer exists. One more hoop to jump through. The marijuana is to continue to stimulate Bob's hunger urge.

Love to all. Thanks for all your prayers. It has made a difference. Liz


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