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Posted 2019-10-14T20:42:48Z

More positive news

Bob went the other day to see Dr Mackliss. He is amazed with Bob's health. Bob has gained 5 pounds. They spoke about how people usually need regular doses of chemo. Not Bob. His next appointment is 3 months with CT scan and blood work. We all knew Bob was unusual. The blood thinner Bob is on can run us over 90 dollars a month. Dr Mackliss gave us a free sample and a place for us to sigh up so it will only run us 10 dollars a month for 2 years. Dr Mackliss has really helped us.[...]

Posted 2019-07-11T18:18:03Z

Great News

Well a week or two ago Bob had his stint replaced. This is a normal routine for us. He had his blood work and CT scan completed. On his visit to Dr Macklas he was told he doe not need to have his blood checked because everything is normal. The CT scan showed everything was very clear. Both were very excited by his results so he will not see his doctor for 3 months after his CT scan. We are thrilled with how successful Bob's treatment has been and the support of all his doctors, friends and family. Thank you all for your prayers. [...]

Posted 2019-01-22T11:57:31Z

Surgery today

Morning all,

Yesterday, Bob and I visited a kidney specialist. Dr Patel is a young guy filled with energy. He spent two hours with us. Bob's kidney failure I feel we will get under control. We both left his office saying what an amazing doctor we have had the luck to have on our side. Truth be told all of Bob's doctors are doing a terrific job in taking care of him. We are blessed to be in area with so many really good doctors.[...]

Posted 2019-01-19T22:08:56Z

New Year

Hello family and friends,

As we move into the new year Bob is in good spirits. He visits my dad daily at rehab. He can spend as much as 8 hours a day. I have told him it isn't necessary to spend that much time with my dad but he likes it and adds purpose to his life. [...]

Posted 2019-01-07T21:25:54Z

Oh My!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year family and friends,

It has been awhile since my last post. Things seemed to being going well up until Christmas.  Bob has been on steroids which has made him bloat all over. Because of the holidays, there was difficulty in speaking with a doctor. Another side effect of the steroids has been that Bob has regained his voice. Out of habit I keep making his appointments, but have realized he now can schedule his own appointments. [...]

Posted 2018-12-02T21:30:26Z

Sunday Dec 2.

Bob has been  having a difficult time keeping food down. I spoke with one of his doctors this am. We decided it would be best to have Bob get fluids and if that doesn't work he would stay in the hospital. Well he is staying in the hospital. I'm sure he will enjoy watching the Bears. He needs to be in the hospital to get all his numbers in check. They are checking to see if he has C-diff. I am hoping this stay will be a day or two. Love to all.[...]

Posted 2018-10-23T13:50:00Z

Good news

Hello all,

Bob came home from the hospital yesterday. The day was a beautiful fall day, 60 degrees, Bob wanted to cut the grass. I told him no way he still needed to take it easy. So this am he goes outside for the fresh air. and yard work. [...]

Posted 2018-10-19T22:29:05Z

Not the best news

Dear family and friends,

Bob has lost 20 pounds the last few weeks. He is unable to eat. Bob was hospitalized on Tues of this week. He has had CT scans all came back normal. He has had blood work, nothing wrong. He continued unable to keep food down. Dr Macklis has changed up his fluids daily. His kidney again is not performing. They are talking about putting a tube directly into his right kidney. They were to do a brain MRI last night but it didnt happen. It was to happen this evening, The last two meals he has kept 6 spoons of broth down. An amazing feet. The cancer is almost gone now we are dealing with the side effects.[...]

Posted 2018-10-04T18:40:55Z

Busy week

Hello family and friends,

this wek was a busy one for Bob. Last Sat. He had a CT scan. Monday he saw Dr. Macklis. Bob was told all his tumors are gone except one in his left lung, and that tumor is only one cm about the size of you baby finger nail.  Tues. Bob was unable to have his immune treatment  because his numbers were off and he has been ill. So next Monday and Tues. we start over. We'd. Bob had to have another surgery. Adaline took Bob to have another kidney stone removed and a stint installed. Thurs. he had to get an ultra sound of his kidney. All of these appointments take a toll on Bob. I can only support Bob. He must take care of the house and all the cooking. With that said he will take me to the doctor tomorrow. We will find out what is up with my ankle..[...]

Posted 2018-09-24T22:37:54Z

Positive things keep happening

Dear family and friends,

I'm sorry it has been so long since I have given you an update. Bob and I did travel to TN  It was very warm, I was uncomfortable but Bob loved it. We did a lot of antique shopping. Bob loves to rummage through stuff to find that one weird item. [...]