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Posted 2019-01-19T22:08:56Z

New Year

Hello family and friends,

As we move into the new year Bob is in good spirits. He visits my dad daily at rehab. He can spend as much as 8 hours a day. I have told him it isn't necessary to spend that much time with my dad but he likes it and adds purpose to his life. 

Bob has seen his GP and he has approved Bob's surgery on Tues. He will have his stint replaced. I think this is number 6. Bob did visit Dr Macklis, at the bottom of his orders he read that he has kidney failure. I knew that because we will see a specialist on Monday. I guess seeing it in writing made it more real. So the cancer is gone, but the side effect is kidney failure. He will have another CT scan with contrast to get a better look inside his body.

Despite all this Bob remains very positive. 

It will be a week or two before we get more info and determine our next plan.

Love to all, keep those prayers coming they make a difference.Liz

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Comments (2)

  • Ray Galuska
    Ray Galuska

    Hey Bobby and Liz! Thanks for the update. Got my 'Brothers' at the church Men's Group saying a few prayers too! Pray all goes smoothly on Tuesday and keep both your spirits up! Hope to see you sometime this year and hope you guys get to take another trip sometime soon. God Bless you and the family! Connee and Ray

    one year ago · Reply
  • James Kuro
    James Kuro

    Hi Bob and Liz, Happy New Year! That is good news except for kidney issue. The plus side of the kidney issue is if at some point Bob would need a kidney transplant he has a lot of relatives who could be donors if we are a match. Hope it doesn't come to that point. Love, Jim and Dixie.

    one year ago · Reply