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Lindsey Hale Lindsey Hale

Hey! Just sending you some love and good wishes this Tuesday morning!!
Love Lindsey & Paul xxxx

Aimee kublawi Aimee kublawi

Keep up the FIGHT and quit being soo DAMN STUBBORN BOBBY ! ALWAYS in thoughts and prayers and POSITIVE VIBES sent you way. LOVE YOU ALL!

Cathy Kurgan Cathy Kurgan

Sounds like the chemo is going ok. It's gotta be brutal to do this AND quit smoking! Hang in there! Love, Cathy and George

Aimee kublawi Aimee kublawi

Sounds like heading in a good direction. I wish they would have given permission for marijuana already since it's proving to help. Also try CBD oils, dont need script for that. LOVE YOU ALL! KEEP FIGHTING!!!!

Cathy Kurgan Cathy Kurgan

Bob, stay strong, stay positive and KICK IT'S ASS, attitude matters! We love you! Cathy and George

Rosemarie Hale Rosemarie Hale

Dearest Liz and Bob, hoping now both treatments are underway that you start to see and feel the benefits; good news about the funding! We continue to pray and hope for you all and send you lots of loving hugs and best wishes, in our thoughts, love Dean & Rosemarie xx xx

Diane Beavers Diane Beavers

Praying!!! Hug him for us and hugs to all of you also. Love Diane and Chuck❤

Aimee kublawi Aimee kublawi


barb mohr barb mohr

so sorry we just found about it-love always the mohr's

John Kuro John Kuro

Love and prayers for you Bobby! Love John & Jenny

Julie savastio Julie savastio

Your Resolution Will Bring Us Victory - You've got this Bob. Julie & Ray

Dana Eberle Dana Eberle

John and I are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. Please let us know if we can do anything for you and your family. God Bless.

Ray Galuska Ray Galuska

Hey Bobby! Connee and I are thinking of you. We’ve got a spot here in Colorado Springs waiting for you when you’re ready and I know Jim Kuro in Utah is close too. Saying prayers and positive thoughts. Love you Ray

Francie Sloan Francie Sloan

Hi, Bob. We're pulling for you!
Love, Francie, John, Jane and Nancy

Diane Beavers Diane Beavers

We are praying for you. We love you and are here for you.
❤ Diane and Chuck