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Bob's Battle

This website will serve to update family and friends on the latest news regarding Bob's battle with cancer. We thank you for your love, support, and prayers!

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Posted 2020-01-18T20:59:04Z

Round 3

Day 2 of Round 3 was yesterday. There will be 6 rounds in all~ 2 days every 28 days. After that, Bob will have 2 years of maintenance with Rituxan. During the maintenance phase, he will go once every 2 months. He did really well yesterday. He wore this fun sweatshirt and of course caught the attention of all the nurses. Thank you, Melissa Mauro!!!!!!  I totally made us both smile. The nurses all make us feel like celebrities whenever we go in. My husband is always quite the charmer!  We had a fun chemo "date" talking and laughing during. While we were there, another patient rang the bell signalling her last chemo treatment. We all cheered and I was surprised by how emotional it was. We never met her before, but here I was sobbing at her success/progress. We were all invisibly connected by the bond of cancer.

Last night, some friends took our kids overnight on a little staycation. Our date continued! We had a quiet at home and it was lovely! Some day soon, we hope to have a "real date", but it was so nice to have some quiet adult time. Bob is pretty tired today and I'm sure it will continue. He is receiving Neulasta via the onpro again. They attached it to his arm yesterday and it just went off to deliver the dose a few minutes ago. It is amazing the things they come up with! 

I posted the link to a story I read earlier this morning. The title caught my eye, "Wanna feel love? Get cancer." So many people are going through hard times in their lives right now. Right now, cancer is our hard time. No matter what others are going through, the have taken time out of their hectic lives  to bless our family. We have felt overwhelming love sense this diagnosis. People have not asked what they can do. Our troops just did- taking care of us in every way imaginable. We were reflecting the other day on some of the positive parts of this journey.Just maybe, cancer will help us to make more positive changes in our lives.  I like the message of this article, so feel free to read if you have time.

Someone asked for the mealtrain link. Here it is and thank you!

I guess I'm feeling deep today. Sorry for such a long post... but this spoke to me as well! 

"In moments or seasons of overwhelmingness, we have only two options. We can either choose fear, or we can choose love.... If we choose love, we choose to focus on God. We choose to focus on his power and his wisdom rather than our own perceived lack. We choose the peace that transends understanding. We choose to have our minds blown by a miracle. We get to pick what we look at in any given moment. Do we choose fear or love? 

May all our friends and family going through difficult times choose love and know that they are infinitely loved. 

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