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Bob's Battle

This website will serve to update family and friends on the latest news regarding Bob's battle with cancer. We thank you for your love, support, and prayers!

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Posted 2019-11-09T14:41:58Z

Busy week

Hi Family and Friends~ 

It has been a busy week of testing/procedures for Mr. Bauer. On Thursday, 11/7, Bob had a bone marrow aspiration and bone marrow biopsy done at Cleveland Clinic. That all went very well~ better than expected actually. He was a bit sore Thursday night, but woke up feeling great on Friday morning. Those bone marrow things get a bad rap, or my husband is a stud... either way we are thankful it went so well! 

We were supposed to have the lymph biopsy in Cleveland on Thursday as well. In fact, we waited from 11 to 4:30 at the Taussig Cancer Center to have the procedure done. Well... there was some miscommunication and our doctor wanted the lymph node surgically removed before biopsy and they didn't do that in an office visit. Bummer. 

We handled the wait and the disappointment surprisingly well. Honestly, in different situations I could see both of us getting very upset/angry/frustrated that we waited over 5 hours for a procedure that didn't happen. Maybe we are learning that this journey has so many ups and downs and we just have to trust that we are on the right path. We thought that maybe this big mess-up was the only way Bob was going to get into surgery anytime in the next few weeks. God always has a plan. One good thing about the wait was that someone finally showed us the actual PET scan, lot of cancer going on in there~ holy cow!

So, off to Cleveland again yesterday (11/8) morning. Bob went back for pre-op at 1:20 and I didn't see him again until after 6. Oh boy, that was tough! He had two large, "chunky" (as the doc called them) lymph nodes surgically removed from the left side of his neck. He's got a solid scar now, think knife fight, that he will wear as a badge of honor once this is over. 

We didn't get home until 9ish last night, but we were thankful for a warm meal and that our kids were well taken care of. Bob is doing well this morning, moving around despite some pain in his neck/shoulder area.He's seriously so strong. I'm proud of him.  We are hoping and praying that all of the results from these awful tests will be ready in time for our appointment on Thursday with Dr. Garcia in Cleveland. 

As always, thank you for your love, support, and prayers! 


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