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Posted 2015-06-28T13:03:00Z

Bosphorus Cruise

The last week we attended a very nice istanbul island tours. We were the first in the Kabatas ferry port with the vibe car takes 10-15 minutes. Here we made the ferry Bosphorus Cruise ride is a very nice very enjoyable lasted approximately 1.5 hours. During our trip, we eat bread and bagels to the ferry was followed by seagulls birds. seagull birds ate bread and bagels grab air. Later continued our journey to Istanbul at the Bosphorus, where the works are made on time and very nice Ottoman Empire. There was built by Sultan Abdulaziz Dolmabahce Palace. There are many beautiful Dolmabahce clock tower and mosque. Finally, if the opposite were the Beylerbeyi Palace and built during the Ottoman Empire and was used here as a summer palace. Beylerbeyi palace had a very nice view of the sea and the Bosphorus.[...]

Posted 2015-06-25T06:37:00Z

Cappadocia Tours an Baloon

Cappadocia is really a very special city and this is a natural phenomenon and is protected by UNESCO as world heritage list of sites here. It is located in the province of Cappadocia Newseh limits. After a nice plane ride turkey tours Turkish Airlines we have Newseh airport. Private airport transfers We went with the special cave hotel in Urgup. The Cave Hotel has a natural warm in winter and cool in summer ventilation system. Cave hotels in the world There are only here. With our guide we met in the hotel lobby for tours to Cappadocia. We attended the private Cappadocia tours. The first tip fortress and we went
The highest peak here and there very beautiful cappadocia cappadocia VIEW HAD. We went to Pigeon valley and lots of birds here, including the first pigeon We watched the flight here. [...]

Posted 2015-06-24T14:10:00Z

Luxury Istanbul Tours

Istanbul is a part of a part of the Asian continent, and this is a very special city, which is the only city in Europe. The Bosphorus Istanbul is located in the middle and the sea. The Bosphorus is a very special time of the Roman Empire and made osmanal empire has lots of work. These are the gallipoli tours girls who tower symbol of Istanbul. Uskudar is located near the beach in the middle of the sea. The girls have done  here Bzanti Istanbul tower from the old living in Greece. Bzanti Golden Horn and lived in a sheltered inner harbor here is Ogali. Istanbul area surrounded by very big and thick walls and Istanbul, which has been a very sheltered harbor. Istanbul is the most beautiful place there seems to be from the Hippodrome and the entire city is in the middle of the Istanbul OldCity full here.[...]

Posted 2015-06-23T11:13:00Z

Ephesus Daily Tours

Ephesus has a very special place is made here is made at the time of the ancient Greek and Roman imperial monuments and buildings. There is a king, first, 600 meters long and is made of marble road on the way to the king had made while very nice. King is on the road is decorated with statues and marble pillars. Further King celebration is on the way people participate and entertainment are antalya tours organized. King of the road on which many of the most beautiful buildings and beautiful architecture of single-storey It had a structure consisting of Ephesus Temple. Ephesus temple is situated opposite the outdoor toilet that uses a combination of people collectively. even here are the left and right a Trojan fountain adorned with a statue of the king on both sides. It is also protected by UNESCO as a site of Ephesus.[...]