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Posted 2015-06-23T11:13:00Z

Ephesus Daily Tours

Ephesus has a very special place is made here is made at the time of the ancient Greek and Roman imperial monuments and buildings. There is a king, first, 600 meters long and is made of marble road on the way to the king had made while very nice. King is on the road is decorated with statues and marble pillars. Further King celebration is on the way people participate and entertainment are antalya tours organized. King of the road on which many of the most beautiful buildings and beautiful architecture of single-storey It had a structure consisting of Ephesus Temple. Ephesus temple is situated opposite the outdoor toilet that uses a combination of people collectively. even here are the left and right a Trojan fountain adorned with a statue of the king on both sides. It is also protected by UNESCO as a site of Ephesus.

During our trip to Ephesus was the sign at the entrance bar is the heart of love house. Love house formed of a large number of rooms, and a natural ventilation system There. One of the most beautiful buildings of Ephesus Ephesus theater and performance hall, which edirne tours has a wide area around a while. Even Ephesus tiytro hall Has a capacity of 75,000 people were made very beautiful stonework. Theatre salami very special concerts and shows are held here. Even the Ephesus theater There is great sound, light and acoustic system. Finally, there is the Ephesus Celcus Libray. 2-storey building is located at the front of this statue made of marble and 4 units. Celcus Libray The beachfront has uses in place the memorial tombs and ancient manuscripts and calligraphy are here are here. 

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