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Posted 2015-06-25T06:37:00Z

Cappadocia Tours an Baloon

Cappadocia is really a very special city and this is a natural phenomenon and is protected by UNESCO as world heritage list of sites here. It is located in the province of Cappadocia Newseh limits. After a nice plane ride turkey tours Turkish Airlines we have Newseh airport. Private airport transfers We went with the special cave hotel in Urgup. The Cave Hotel has a natural warm in winter and cool in summer ventilation system. Cave hotels in the world There are only here. With our guide we met in the hotel lobby for tours to Cappadocia. We attended the private Cappadocia tours. The first tip fortress and we went
The highest peak here and there very beautiful cappadocia cappadocia VIEW HAD. We went to Pigeon valley and lots of birds here, including the first pigeon We watched the flight here. 

Cappadocia which is located gezizm during the Goreme open-air museum and we went to the spread of wide area here and where many fairy chimneys and cave. Yapmışl is lived here and here for religious worship in Goreme bursa tours open air museum. Even here the prophet Jesus and Mary is decorated with paintings and mosaics. Pole and derinkuyu 5-7 storey underground cities and people and to hide from Roman soldiers who lived here and used for shelter during bad weather in the winter. In the underground city of about 5,000 people living here have remained water with only bread and wine. Finally we went to the town of Avanos and here are the works of Turkish handicrafts and souvenir shops.

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