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Bound for Glory

Updates on George's journey through stage IV colon cancer

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Brief Update

Sorry I haven't posted to this journal since last November.  I’ve been somewhat of a hermit the past six months. It’s been a rough time, with what has seemed a nearly constant onslaught of complications. Earlier this year I had a bad experience with regorafenib, an oral chemotherapy, and my overall health has continued to decline.  Terisa and I are hoping for some temporary relief with my latest chemo. It’s called Lonsurf. I started it about 1-½ months ago. It is supposed to hit the pause button on the cancer for a few months, perhaps longer. I’ll take that time if I can get it.

After Lonsurf, we may be out of medical options.  But we’re not there yet.

I hope to update you again after my next scans.  Thank you for reading this, thinking about us, and praying for us. Please keep it up.  It makes a difference.

P.S. to my former colleagues Joel and Ron -- thanks for following these updates. I miss working with you.


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