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Posted 2018-12-21T22:54:14Z

Were coming home!!!

Madelyn’s had work has paid off! We get to go home tonight. She mastered meds (not without fuss), she’s eating and moving (a little). Doc feels her best healing will happen from the comfort of her own home with her family! We couldn’t agree more![...]

Posted 2018-12-21T15:16:02Z

Taking a turn...

We’ve been assured that the hardest day (in the hospital) is behind us. We had a great night last night. We were up from 2-3am, she asked me to read to her and we had a heart to heart. I wrote down all her fears and we talked through finding inner strength and asking God for help. We both slept from 3ish to 830am! We rolled up the blinds, gave her a sponge bath, put lotion on and did her hair. Doc came in and changed her dressings and moved her leg. Incisions are looking fantastic. She came out with the 2 she had prior and then 2 other small ones near the groin. She said it felt relaxing when he was moving her leg around. He said her muscles are begging her to use them. 😊 She actually asked him if he could go home with us. Lol She is soothed by his presence. So thankful he shares his gifting with others.[...]

Posted 2018-12-20T22:03:22Z


Epidural came out, oral pain meds have been administered since yesterday afternoon to prepare her for the switch in pain management. Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy came in to help Madelyn get into her wheel chair to sit up. It was very painful and difficult for her to move. They did do a good job of teaching her how to use her arms to get to the edge of the bed and to get up using a walker. She’s only moving with assistance from therapists/nurses. She stayed up in the chair for about an hour before we transferred her back to bed at 1pm.[...]

Posted 2018-12-20T02:05:00Z

Making gains

Madelyn’s hemoglobin levels have come back up thanks to the blood transfusion! Yay! 😊She got a round of IV Iron to boost her iron levels and will most likely be on an iron supplement for the next few weeks to assist with the fact that she’s a bit anemic. (Nothing unusual from what we’ve been told.)[...]

Posted 2018-12-19T19:48:31Z

Baby steps.

Since 11am Madelyn has continually shown improvement. Around 9:30am they started a blood transfusion to help restore her blood count and give her a little color. She was pretty pale and was feeling pretty icky. It was not a shock, as her doctor shared they may need to give her a little boost of blood. Over the course of the last 5 hours she’s received 2 units and they’re planning to check her hemoglobin levels again in an hour. They’ll be able to tell at that point if she needs anything to strengthen the blood, like iron. [...]

Posted 2018-12-19T07:46:00Z

Time is dragging.

When I spoke to people before surgery, I shared consistently and often with others that I was looking forward to slowing down over the next few weeks to aide Madelyn’s recovery. But oh boy, does time seem to be standing still. Thankful for the time and space to nurture, M, but man it’s hard to slow down. Makes me think about how much I might miss on a daily basis just trying to keep up with the things of this life.[...]

Posted 2018-12-18T22:17:36Z


You guessed it! She’s 219310! Someone is super excited! πŸ˜‚πŸ™‹πŸΌ‍♀️ She’s in recovery!!! The doctor reported and I quote, “Nothing but good news!” We’re so excited to see our girl! Why does being away from her for an 8 hour work day seem soooo different from being separated for an 8 hour procedure?! [...]

Posted 2018-12-18T21:05:55Z

Procedure is finished!

We just got a call from the operating room. The procedure is finished and they are closing her up, wrapping up right around the 6 hour period they anticipated. She’s still stable. We should be reunited with her within the hour!!! πŸ₯°[...]

Posted 2018-12-18T19:40:11Z


We got a 2 hour update from our nurse, Jenn, at 12:30. All was going well with the procedure. Doctor Nowicki finished with the femur, placed screws and was getting ready to move into the pelvic part of her surgery.[...]