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Posted 2018-12-20T02:05:00Z

Making gains

Madelyn’s hemoglobin levels have come back up thanks to the blood transfusion! Yay! 😊She got a round of IV Iron to boost her iron levels and will most likely be on an iron supplement for the next few weeks to assist with the fact that she’s a bit anemic. (Nothing unusual from what we’ve been told.)

With the help of the nurses we got her up and into a lounge chair around 4:30pm. She seemed comfortable for about an hour and a half, but then asked to be put back into bed. It was nice to see her upright even if for just a short time.

We had a little fun this afternoon decorating a gingerbread house and having family here to visit for a short time this evening. Madelyn was pretty tired so we nudged everyone out of the room around 8pm. She took a little Motrin at 8:30 and now she’s out like a light. Pain is still being managed with an epidural and oral meds. The plan is to shut down the epidural tomorrow and as long as we can manage pain orally, they will remove the epidural Friday.

Short term goals are for her to eat (she’s had no REAL food), for her to be willing to take the pain meds when given (she is not enjoying the Motrin/Tylenol), and that she will be open and in good spirits to work with PT/OT tomorrow.

Please pray for Madelyn’s attitude. She's been pretty unresponsive to questions and has been a little sad. Selfishly I’d like to see a little of her personality. I know this is a lot to go through though, so I need continued patience to give her the space to work through her emotions.

Signing out for the night. ♥️

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Comments (4)

  • Tom Daniel
    Tom Daniel

    I will continue to pray for her and her recovery. And praying that the smiling face of hers shines through.😊

    one year ago · Reply
  • Jennifer Brugger
    Jennifer Brugger

    I will be praying for M this evening! Praying for some spunk to come back! If you need anything - let me know! Jen

    one year ago · Reply
    • Trisha Wolovlek
      Trisha Wolovlek

      Thanks, Jenn! We are definitely making gains. We appreciate all the support and prayers for Madelyn and our family!! 💗

      one year ago · Reply
  • Nancy G BOSMA
    Nancy G BOSMA

    Hi Trisha and Madelyn, Praying for you both. Please remember you both have been through a lot. Jesus waits with you for each step. Remembering the meds alter how we respond, praying she is able to tolerate pain and take real food. love you, Nancy

    one year ago · Reply