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Posted 2018-12-21T15:16:02Z

Taking a turn...

We’ve been assured that the hardest day (in the hospital) is behind us. We had a great night last night. We were up from 2-3am, she asked me to read to her and we had a heart to heart. I wrote down all her fears and we talked through finding inner strength and asking God for help. We both slept from 3ish to 830am! We rolled up the blinds, gave her a sponge bath, put lotion on and did her hair. Doc came in and changed her dressings and moved her leg. Incisions are looking fantastic. She came out with the 2 she had prior and then 2 other small ones near the groin. She said it felt relaxing when he was moving her leg around. He said her muscles are begging her to use them. 😊 She actually asked him if he could go home with us. Lol She is soothed by his presence. So thankful he shares his gifting with others.

She ate half a bagel and some mandarin oranges. PRAISE GOD they are still in her tummy. She’s asking to go home. I think that will be enough to get some work done today to make that happen. If not today, maybe tomorrow? Time will tell.

After eating breakfast we played a little Sequence and she played with her Fingerling. The smile in the pic is the first I’ve seen in a while! 😊

Physical and occupational therapy came in to get her up out of bed. Although she was in pain she pushed through and got into her wheel chair with the use of a walker. We rested for a moment and then we helped her transition to the commode to use that for the first time. Yay! She rested, got some pain medicine (orally-another yay) and we got her back into her chair. That transition was by far the best! Very encouraging!! She proved to herself she can do it and trusted the therapist and me to help her accomplish that goal.

She’s upset in the picture because I’m standing in the way of the TV. πŸ˜‚ She worked so hard this morning, we decided she deserves a rest. We might take a little walk out and about on the floor for a change of scenery. We heard there’s a music room! πŸ’•

A sweet friend sent me the pages she’s been speaking over Madelyn. Pictured ☝️-I did the same last night. I invite you to join us! The road will be long, we’re planning to take one step at a time and celebrate each goal met and trust in a God whose presence is promised and definitely being felt. πŸ™πŸΌ

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Comments (4)

  • Tom Daniel
    Tom Daniel

    So relieved that progress is being made. Great to see that smile again. Thinking and praying for her and you many times a day.

    one year ago Β· Reply
    • Trisha Wolovlek
      Trisha Wolovlek

      You’re right on, so good to see her smiling again! Appreciate the help AND prayers! 💕

      one year ago Β· Reply
  • Nancy G BOSMA
    Nancy G BOSMA

    So glad! :) ! Answered prayers for sure, praise God:)

    one year ago Β· Reply
    • Trisha Wolovlek
      Trisha Wolovlek

      Indeed, answered prayers! Praise God! 🙌🏼

      one year ago Β· Reply