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Posted 2018-12-23T20:01:09Z

Home and Healing

It was such a great idea to come home Friday. As excited as we were, I think we all were a little unsettled also. Fear of the unknown is hard to overcome.

Chris and I literally carried Madelyn into the house 💪🏼 which made us realize we had a lot to do to figure out getting her in and out of the house in the future. We’re praying the snow and ice stay away until we can get that under control. We settled in nicely and started figuring out how to set up the house around Madelyn’s needs (is. bedside commode, walker, where she’s most comfortable sitting/laying). We’re pretty much just hanging in the living room, as she’s comfortable moving only in about a 2-4 foot radius. I have a good feeling that this time in the living room will be coming to a close, sooner rather than later tho! 🥰

Friday night we slept from about 10:30-6:30am without any issues. I’m sure the pain meds had a little something to do with that. 😝 Yesterday we kept things pretty low key. Between movies, we spent time coloring and drawing. A dear friend, who happens to have a background in Physical Therapy, came over and “ranged” Madelyn’s right leg/hip. She taught me how to help stretch and gave me a mini lesson on muscles and the ones that will be helpful to keep moving/working. I think she was speaking to Madelyn on a whole new level because M was sooo relaxed. The small movement is soothing to her and she actually started helping in the effort. Its been amazing to see the fear of moving, slowly fade with each “excercise session”. Ella even decided to join in the fun and do some planks. Lol

Last night we slept from 11pm-7am, this time without pain meds. She doesn’t seem to be experiencing any pain! PRAISE THE LORD! As I type, I believe her last dose of pain medication was around 6pm last night. If that isn’t a sure sign that kids are resilient, I’m not sure what is. She is getting up and down from the walker almost completely on her own now. Prior, she needed someone to hold her right leg and help her up and down. The progress is just astounding. 

Some have asked what the future holds...we have post-op appointments scheduled Jan 4 and Feb 1. We will see what the doctor says then, my guess is if things continue the way they have, he will be pleasantly surprised. 😊She will be non-weight baring until the middle of March. That means a wheel chair, walker or crutches, whichever she’s move comfortable with. After that, my guess is they will continue to do xrays every 6 months for the first couple years and then we may move back to yearly checkups as we had been doing precious to surgery. Doctor Nowicki said he doesn’t anticipate needing to do another surgery if “everything stays the way it did when he closed her up.” They may opt to go back in and take out some of her “hardware” (plates and screws) in a year from now.

Madelyn and I agreed her next goal is to shower as opposed to sponge bathe. We’re hosting family Christmas tomorrow evening for a couple hours, so that’s a good incentive to smell better. Chris and Kellan are snowboarding today, so that will probably wait for tomorrow. Chris and I are planning to get things back to some sort of normal over the next few days. We think this will help her morale continue to improve. 

Thankful for all the calls, texts, gifts, snacks and meals that have been brought. We’ve had eggs brought, movies dropped off, and even had a friend make a run for the all important coffee filters for morning coffee! I made it out to Meijer this morning for 2 whole hours. Amazing. ✨

God is good. God is faithful. He is seeing us through.



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Comments (2)

  • Tom Daniel
    Tom Daniel

    So much good news! I continue to pray for quick recovery for her. Madelyn love that smile! Blessings to all of you!

    one year ago · Reply
  • Nancy G BOSMA
    Nancy G BOSMA

    So glad you are home, you know 'there's no place like home' :) God is with us, God is with you, that is evident as Madelyn progresses. love to all, Nancy

    one year ago · Reply