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Briana's Journey

We want to keep all family and friends up to date on Briana's health and treatment. Thank you all for your support!

Latest journal entry

Posted 2018-12-21T16:40:46Z


Our sweet Bri is doing so good!! She had another hearing test and more blood draws on Tuesday. Her hearing is still perfectly healthy in her left ear 🙌🙌
It's hard to believe but next month she will have her 3 month scans!!!!! Now that life is slowly getting back to "normal" and slowing down, we are more and more grateful.
No more daily tubie flushes, weekly dressing changes, several daily meds, constant worry of fever or sepsis, TOXIC drugs being pushed into her little body, packing several BINS to move into the hospital for weeks at a time- and that's just to name a couple daily stresses. But we did it. SHE did it! 🙌🙌🙌
God has healed my baby!!!! He has given us strength that we never knew we had. Thank you Lord!!!
Thank you to soooo many amazing people out there praying for us!

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