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Briana's Journey

We want to keep all family and friends up to date on Briana's health and treatment. Thank you all for your support!

Latest journal entry

Cycle 4

Bri is here for cycle 4 of immunotherapy! She is doing great so far. She was having severe reactions to her leukine shots so instead of stopping them all together, we decided to wait until we were admitted to the hospital. She was given a half dose of leukine, IV steroids and benedryl to help with the reaction. They were not comfortable with her reaction and decided to skip a day, then give her a 25% dose. And has been tolerating it well. We're very glad she is able to receive this medicine even if it is a much smaller dose. In our opinion it is a very crucial part of immunotherapy, the leukine works with the antibody by boosting the immune system and "flushing out" the attacked cells.
So please continue to pray for her comfort and that the antibody is still able to get rid of the nasty cancer cells!! We should be on our way home this Saturday.

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