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Briana's Journey

We want to keep all family and friends up to date on Briana's health and treatment. Thank you all for your support!

Latest journal entry


TOMORROW is Briana's first admission for immunotherapy! We are very nervous for this next step in treatment. We have started at home shots yesterday and she gets 14 days of shots. 😔 (The shot revs up her white blood cells.) Tomorrow first she will have another hearing test, we are worried she is having trouble with her left ear. Then we will be admitted just for blood work. They will start the antibody early Tuesday morning. The antibody is called CH14.18 and it is given through IV infusion for 10 hours. This will be for four days. (Tue-Fri) 
What this antibody does is attack Neuroblastoma proteins on her nerve cells. For 10 hours each day she could be in severe nerve pain!! So they will have her hooked up to a morphine pump, she also started gabapentin to help with the pain. Once we are discharged (hopefully Saturday) she will start Accutane capsules Twice a day for 14 days. (This is an acne drug for people over the age of 18! But it is supposed to help mature her cells so they don't turn cancerous)These treatments are so damn terrible, these kids deserve MORE research, MORE funding. They deserve MORE. Yes I know my baby will be a survivor, but at what cost? Permanent nerve damage, hearing loss, unable to have children! Just to name a couple! 
But on a positive note we are at a wonderful hospital with wonderful Drs and nurses that do everything in their power to keep her healthy. 




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