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Briana's Journey

We want to keep all family and friends up to date on Briana's health and treatment. Thank you all for your support!

Latest journal entry


Bri is one more day away from her last dose of chemo!!!!!!! She's doing great so far, and very happy to be allowed in the halls playing with her friends!
We got the results from her GFR test. (Kidney function) it is down a little bit. 120 is normal and her number is 94. It is not a number they are very concerned with since it is to be expected. They are watching her creatinine levels daily to make sure it is not getting worse.
Also she has been selected for a clinical trial!! Which we are very excited about.
VOD (pretty much liver failure) is very common in tandem transplants and the FDA has approved a drug called defribrotide to treat VOD. This trial is to see if this medicine can be used as a preventative. So Briana started it the day before chemo! I guess the criteria for this trial is very strict so we are happy Briana qualified and hopefully she can help save lives!!
#brianastrong #kickcancersbutt
Please keep sending your prayers, they are much appreciated!!!πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›

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