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Barbara A. Petro Barbara A. Petro

Keeping you in our prayers. Asking our Heavenly Father for all good results tomorrow. Amen. Barb Petro

David A. Wildermuth David A. Wildermuth

We pray for God's blessing for you and your family. Please stay "infection-free"!

David A. Wildermuth David A. Wildermuth

Stay strong little tiger!

Cindy Tesmer Cindy Tesmer

Prayer your way for all! God be with Bri and help her though this. Love and Hugs to all

Betsy and Lynn Maugherman Betsy and Lynn Maugherman

Sending our love to all. Miss you, Gram and Papa.

Carl Smith Carl Smith

I finally figured out this computer nonsense, I would've written to you sooner. I'm your uncle (And Diane's your aunt)-- we haven't met yet, but know that we love you and pray for you every day. You are a Smith - which means you are a born warrior. Stay strong angel. We'll talk again soon!
Love, Uncle Carl & Aunt Diane

Mary Ellen Snow Mary Ellen Snow

That is great news! 🙏🙏

Aggie Mahoney Aggie Mahoney

What wonderful news!! Never lose hope. Love, Aunt Aggie!

David A. Wildermuth David A. Wildermuth

Happy Birthday little Angel!


Prayers and strength continue for such an amazing little girl.

Barbara A. Petro Barbara A. Petro

I think about how strong you are for all you have been thru. I keep you in my prayers every night and our pastor says you name every Sunday asking the Lord to watch over you. Your mom and dad are in my prayers also. Lots of Hugs from Barb Petro.

Judy Bolyard Judy Bolyard

God Bless and be with you all!!!

Diane Walker Diane Walker

My computer and posthope stopped talking for some reason, and I missed a few of Briana's posts. Was able to reconnect and am back in the loop! Briana is so loved by so many and prayers for her and your family abound. You are all so brave.

Diane Walker Diane Walker

Sending extra prayers for good news on Monday. Your little Princess Warrior is so precious. And you are brave beyond measure.

David A. Wildermuth David A. Wildermuth

Another bump in the road young lady. Thank God that you handle them so well.

You are an inspiration!