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Posted 2018-06-23T00:24:34Z

June 22 2018

Hello Everyone!

Brian started his immuno therapy 3 weeks ago. He is mostly tired when he gets the fluid via IV. This treatment is not as hard on the system them Chemo and Radiation. After 3 months he will get a PET scan to see how if the Tumor is.[...]

Posted 2018-04-28T21:19:25Z

April 28

Brian went for his PET scan on Thursday earlier than we anticipated but none the less grateful. We met a couple who is seeing the same Cancer specialist. We talked about options for treatment and it was comforting to hear we have found an excellent Dr. to treat Brian.[...]

Posted 2018-04-22T02:01:13Z

April 21, 2018 HOPE

Hello Family and Friends,

Brian and I wen to see Dr. Klimo, a Cancer specialist in North Vancover Yesterday. It was to say the least the most positive experience I had with a Dr. ever!  Dr Klimo came out of retirement (thank god) because his knolwedge and guideance for Cancer patients has been so successful that for whatever reason wanted to continue.[...]