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Posted 2018-04-22T02:01:13Z

April 21, 2018 HOPE

Hello Family and Friends,

Brian and I wen to see Dr. Klimo, a Cancer specialist in North Vancover Yesterday. It was to say the least the most positive experience I had with a Dr. ever!  Dr Klimo came out of retirement (thank god) because his knolwedge and guideance for Cancer patients has been so successful that for whatever reason wanted to continue.

We were told that Brian needs a PET scan now so we have arranged for a private clinic that costs $3400.00 dollars.

This will tell us if the Cancer is locaized on his liver or if it is in any other part of his body. This will happen on May 1st.

Brian and I while waiting to see Dr. Klimo, met a couple who said that this guy is amazing and he know's how to treat Cancer. He knows the current procedures and is a "Whole Body Dr." so this includes holisitic mediceine along with current western medicine.

We learned that there is a test that can be done for Immuno Theapy. This test is called PD_L1. It will tell us whether the Immuno therpapy will work.

We found out if there is no other Tumor's present they can perform:

1. Starve the Cancer by cutting of the blood supply to it.

2. Insert a device to heat and kill the cancer.

We were told that Brian should of been given a PET sacn yearly which is so hard to digest. Brian went for 3 month check ups, but they were only looking at the 2015 Head aand neck Cancer that he was treated for. So. It shocks me to hear the Dr. in the Surrey Cancer Centre told us that most Cancers of this kind return 85%. So, if anything leraned from this is that if you know someone who has been treated for Cancer let them know to be proactive in there recovery. Get tested every year.

I fell so grateful that Brian is still with me and we have a Dr. that is caring, mindful, and receptive to individulal healing.

Full of Gratitiude,



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Comments (2)

  • Linfa

    That's amazing news Trevor! Will be keeping you in my prayers! 💜

    3 years ago · Reply
  • Monica T
    Monica T

    Glad you found a good doctor, it can make such a big difference 💜

    2 years ago · Reply