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Posted 2018-04-28T21:19:25Z

April 28

Brian went for his PET scan on Thursday earlier than we anticipated but none the less grateful. We met a couple who is seeing the same Cancer specialist. We talked about options for treatment and it was comforting to hear we have found an excellent Dr. to treat Brian.

On May 2nd we will find out what are options are for treatment....

I am scared and to be honest really mentally and physically exhausted...

I am so amazed by Brian's ability to compartmentalize his situation and find hope, determination and resilience

Trevor .


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  • Shelagh Bouttell
    Shelagh Bouttell

    Love the heart print (or fabric?).... so many compartments, one BIG heart. Compartmentalization is such a good coping strategy to help deal with multiple conflicting situations. If it's not natural to you Trev, you might find smudging or epsom bath soaks to help release heavier energy.... or go walking in the healing forest with Brian!! No need to carry the entire load all the time. Whatever works my friend :) - you have some awesome skills yourself! And you both have such big beautiful hearts.

    2 years ago · Reply